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A Different Kind of Portrait

Saucy Glossie

A Different Kind of Portrait

Lindsey Calla


When you think of a self portrait you think of capturing someone's personality in their facial features, hair style, mannerisms, but Photographer Neke Carson took a more imaginative way to define a person.  I out of anyone could agree that someone's closet can speak so much about a person, so when Neke took his camera underneath the clothing in his friend's closets, a whole world appeared.  First glance at these portraits and you think you've stumbled upon a sample of geological mineral strata, only to then realize that chiffon, corduroys, and other various textiles make up an abstract idea of who this person is.  Take for example, Tracy Quan who has written some brilliant books about the life of a call girl.  Her clothes (below) suggestively leave you curious but also give you a glance into her life.  (Tracy is pictured with me below right)  I of course would never be able to be able to participate in such a portrait because all of my clothes are all over my floor or in a suitcase.... maybe that actually says more about me than I think.....

More images from the evening.  The works are featured at the John McWhinnie at Glenn Horowitz Gallery in the cutest brownstone 50 1/2 East 64th street between Madison and Park Avenue.  The exhibit runs until August 15th, 2009