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A Moment with Jewelry Designer Sarah Davida

Saucy Glossie

A Moment with Jewelry Designer Sarah Davida

Lindsey Calla


I love serendipitous moments; happy accidents which lead to a perfect realization that you should be doing something or you need something in your life. Sometimes it's love or a person, but in Sarah Davida's case, it was rings. Sarah's rings are meant to fill that upper part of your finger that has been long neglected, adding a whole way to accessorize our pretty little hands that we spend countless hours manicuring and polishing. I was lucky enough to chat with Sarah about how she came across this brilliant and stylish idea.

When did your love of jewelry begin?

It started when I was young. I think it was inherited from my mother. She used to make jewelry herself but was also a pack rat when it came to collecting. She never threw anything out and I found a 30lb bag the other day with all kinds of jewelry. It's now scattered all over my bedroom floor right now waiting to be organized LOL.

How did you come up with the idea to wear/design rings for the upper part of your finger?

I did it by accident. I would wear rings that were too small on the upper part of my finger when I was younger... then when I was in a metalsmithing class freshman year of college, I had some scrap pieces of silver and decided to stamp my name on one (sarah davida) and my mom's name on the other (rosalie love) and wore them everyday after that.
What inspires you as a designer (art, fashion, music..?)
A lot of my work is usually based on things I have a personal connection with. My mother was a very talented painter/artist and passed away when I was 14. She used to design rock posters and ads while my Dad did a lot of work (and still does) with radio and concert promoting in my area. Because of them, I'm inspired a lot by music (which I have a current job with in the city), but I also find inspiration in other things like Mom's paintings and posters.
Is it true that the Olsen twins have been wearing your rings?
Haha, ah man, there was a mix up with that. I was compared in a blog to having rings and a trend similar to what the Olsens wear. They haven't personally ordered from me, but hopefully soon!
I see you have a blog (yay!). How have social media and online marketing helped your brand? Are you also trying to target print media as well?
Social media and online marketing have helped tremendously. My target market falls between 15-25 and who in that age range doesn't go on Facebook, Twitter, or Blogs regularly? My brother does a lot with online marketing and he helps me put everything together with Google adwords, analytics, Facebook ads, etc. I will eventually target print media as well, but I am slowly working my way to that point :)
What are your goals for the collection? Any expansions or collaborations coming up?
I'm planning on releasing a different style of the ring (skinny bands) and will be releasing other pieces (bracelets/pendants) as well. A couple months ago, I stated commuting to my part time job in the city which put some delay in my work, but I'm planning on having new pieces by Spring!
Where can everyone buy your jewelry?
I currently only sell on my website ( and a couple of little stores. I have some pieces at JMichael Shoes in Syracuse, N.Y. and Mariannes Floral Garden in Poughkeepsie, NY.
**You can have the rings customized and personally engraved to your liking! Makes a great Valentine's Day gift. *AHEM, boys*