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Advantage Federer!

Saucy Glossie

Advantage Federer!

Lindsey Calla


Federer cried like a boy when he lost to Nadal in Oz... I hoped that I would never see that again because it broke my heart to see a tear trail down his gorgeous face.  Nevertheless, today he cried again.  This time they were tears of joy and as another tear trailed down, my heart broke into pieces a few times over.  In what has seemed like a longer road than hoped for for Federer, he finally seals his place as one of tennis' greatest players.  Now that he has removed the doubt in anyone's eyes that he could accomplish this, whether he was he did it beating Nadal or not, Wimbledon will be a great championship to watch.  As an athlete, watching Federer's mental strength and determination and focus is motivating and inspiring.  I hope he meets Rafa again and taking the confidence from this win, it will no doubt be one of the best sporting matches of the year.

Congrats to Federer!