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All the Looks

Saucy Glossie

All the Looks

Lindsey Calla

Finding a good dress is like trying to find a good boyfriend.  You try them all on for size, you may try to alter them to fit your needs, and sometimes they hug your curves, and sometimes they make you feel incomplete and insecure.  And most of the time, you just aren't looking in the right place.  

Enter David Meister.  His dresses have fit all types of celebrities and body types making them feel completely confident and gorgeous, just a like a good boyfriend, err, designer should.  

Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of joining David Meister, Lifetime, and a few other top bloggers in an intimate gathering on his Spring collection and a look back on some of David's hottest red carpet moments.  And who knows more about the red carpet than Lifetime's newest site, All the Looks, which is practically mecca for celebrity style fans.

Champagne and Vosges chocolates flowed as we all cooed over David's brightly colored and beautifully proportioned dresses as he answered some of our burning questions about finding the right dress.  

On the process of dressing celebs for the red carpet:
"It's all about adapting and working with what they are comfortable in and what works for them.  Sometimes they swear they don't look good in a halter then they try it and it works. It's fun to get them to step out of that and try something new."

On how he manages to make every woman look so amazing:
"It's not about size or age, it's about what style works well on your body.  It comes back to stretch.  Things with stretch just fit and move so much better on different body types."

On his spring collection:

"For day we are usually all about structure.  Strong silhouettes, a lot of color, but again, not a lot of detail.  I think women, especially now , they want pieces to be special and timeless.  We did a lot of primary colors for spring.  For evening and cocktail, it's a little more specific, when you are looking for a more specific dress.  We worked with chiffons and still a lot of draping and twisting and one shoulder is still huge"

 Things every woman should have in her closet:
"A great black jersey dress, a simple dress with color (depending on your skin tone), and a great ball gown!  You never know when you're going to need a ball gown!  And a great cocktail dress that you know you feel good in."  

On the explosion of blogging:

"Information is so fast now and fashion is a very fast paced business.  It all works together hand in hand.  It's the next phase."

Some of David's favorite red carpet dresses were also at the event.  My fave was the Sharon Stone liquid metallic gown.  So Studio 54!

Make sure you check out Lifetime's site, All the Looks, for more red carpet moments from David Meister and other designers!  You can search for pretty much any look that has ever had a red carpet moment, even down to the hairstyle! 

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