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Another Winner

Saucy Glossie

Another Winner

Lindsey Calla


Lately I've been wondering about Michelle Obama's fashion choices.  Does she actually sincerely enjoy dressing up, putting thought into every choice to fit the occasion? Or does her stylist push her to wear certain items because they are in, new, controversial, etc?

It seems if you take her recent choice, Michelle gets it.  I am so excited that she chose to wear Basso & Brooke.  Bruno Basso and Christopher Brooke are two of the most incredible designers and are so influential in their print design.  This particular look that Michelle wore is a modern take on traditional Japanese prints and fit the occasion, a poetry reading,  perfectly.   Colin McDowell, creative director of the Fashion Fringe (B&B; won this award a few years back) says it best:
"For her choice to be worn at an informal, but public, evening with the President is even better as we can assume that she was wearing Basso & Brooke not for political reasons but simply because she wanted to."

Which makes me feel like every time I see Michelle in something, I feel like I'm sitting on her bed excitedly helping her decide what to wear for a night out.  Which would mean that I was her bestie, which would be AWESOME.

Here are some highlights from Basso & Brooke's Fall Collection, just because they are that amazing.

According to, the designers have 16 Million hues to work with digitally, and the human eye can only register a fraction of that number.  So keep that in mind if you think the collection is anything less than innovative and revolutionary.