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Archived Clarity

Saucy Glossie

Archived Clarity

Lindsey Calla

Errr, it's rainy and cold here so in an effort to throw out positive vibes and warm rays I'm pulling out some pics from the archives.  For you new readers, you may never have seen these before so.. enjoy!  They are from my trip to Sydney last year.

The last picture is the Bondi to Bronte walk that I used to try to do any free second I could.  It is the one place in the world that always provides me with raw clarity.  It's the type of picture that should be framed in an office stamped across the top with "Destiny" or "Journey" or some motivational quote to that effect.

I'm working on sketching something for a project and I can't even sketch a stick figure so this should be interesting!  Hoping to channel some clarity and creative juices by picturing blue skies, blue water, and open air.  I just read that Aaron Sorkin takes showers whenever he needs to get inspired and recharged.. He says he takes up to 8 a day.. Hey, whatever works!