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Arm Candy

Saucy Glossie

Arm Candy

Lindsey Calla

When it comes to arm candy, a killer handbag is soo much better than any cute guy.. Because let's face it, your bag will always be by your side and it will always support all of the things in your life.. unless of course you decide to trade up for a new, better version.

Juicy Couture's bags could be the perfect companion.  Chiffon ruffles, sequins, faux fur, and big-girl bows, these bags have everything a girl could need.

Last night I checked out their new holiday collection with some fellow blogettes while sipping on mini-margaritas and playing around in their fantastic girly showroom.  They even had an astrologer on hand to tell us our futures and I have to say, mine was dead on (or at least I hope so)!

Me and Katy from Sugar Laws! Dress: Aldo, Hat: Club Monaco, Socks: JCrew, Shoes: Aldo

More outfit pics to come because I wore my favorite parka but it was too hot to wear inside!

Also, thanks to Jonathan Alpeyrie for coming to such a girly event and taking pics for me!