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Autumn Pastoral

Saucy Glossie

Autumn Pastoral

Lindsey Calla

Top/Skirt/Belt: Zara, Shoes: Forever 21, Jewelry: antique and Free People

I am crazy for ankle skimming skirts!  I tried the full length maxi over the summer and I was left feeling like I was neglecting my shoes.  The ankle length gives you the same effect but feels a little more feminine and shows off our amazing shoes that we probably spent a fortune for.. Why cover them up??  Plus, our ankles are one of the smallest parts of our bodies and accentuating that can be very flattering.

This outfit has sort of a pastoral, early 1900s school teacher vibe to it... Like I could step out of a tiny schoolhouse in the country in black and white.  I'm not sure why I've been so reflective and inspired by the past lately.. I think it is not only because I am obsessed with history but also the recent return to simplicity.. We saw a few designers leave hems unfinished for next Spring and it makes me wonder about our society unraveling and our efforts to achieve unattainable perfection.