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Saucy GLossie

Saucy GlossieShoes: Anthropologie, Sweater: Vince via TJ Maxx, Top: Ann Taylor, Shoes: Tory Burch, Shorts: Banana Republic 

Happy Monday!  Clearly this is from California a little bit ago because it's snowing today on the East Coast.  We had dinner at a place called Nikita in Malibu which is literally right ON the water.  It's one of my favorite spots so far along the PCH.  I felt like blue nautical stripes worked perfectly with this gorgeous wood.  It's a very classic look and these are the pieces I constantly come back to when I'm done trying all the trendy things.

As for the pom-pom shoes, well, they have pom-poms on them.  Period.  The end.  *heart beats*  *Also have no idea why these shorts on not on their website because I just bought them in-store.

xo, SG