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Body Talk

Saucy Glossie

Body Talk

Lindsey Calla

Aussie blogs are going crazy today over Former Miss Universe Jennifer Hawkins and her un-retouched Marie Claire (AU) cover photo.  The magazine comes out on the heels of many, many, post-holiday glossie cover lines like "2010's Diets that Work" and "Half Their Size".
I can't help but question if  American glossies will follow suit.  We've all seen many un-retouched or not-made-up faces on covers (French Elle, for example), but never a nude and un-retouched body until this.  Can America handle it?  We can barely handle putting full body screen scanners in our airports, let alone flaunt a natural, nude picture on the terminal newsstand shelf.
I'm not sure the mind-set is really there in American magazine offices, but this is coming from someone who was told I "wasn't fat anymore" by an editor after going from a size 4 to a maybe size 2 on a good day.  That's actually a true story.
It kind of seems like we all have a hard time making up our minds as to what really promotes a healthy body image.  Glamour, for example, who has recently been praised for putting nude "fuller figure" models in their pages (retouched a tad I believe, but correct me if I'm wrong) also runs health articles online about how to lose 5 lbs this week.   So, is it inspiring to see someone like Jennifer, who clearly is genetically blessed, strip down and still look gorgeous?  I'm sure this will continue to be hotly debated and I'm excited to hear more blogger coverage on the issue! 
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