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Saucy Glossie

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Through the Rain

Lindsey Calla

On me: Top: Textile Junkie, Skirt: White & Warren, Bag and Shoes: Zara, Necklace: Street Vendor

I still can't reveal what the shoot was for on Monday in NY but I can tell you that it brought me and Erika from Fashion Chalet together and we finally met in person!  We instantly hit it off and I think we might be sisters from another mother.  We both showed up for brunch at Soho House in coordinating outfits of neutrals with a pop of black, gabbed about blogging and having humidity prone long hair, and just shared tons of laughs.

I somehow managed to keep myself together through the monsoon (I think it was from all of the moroccan oil they put in my hair for the shoot) and headed to check out the Holiday collection from LOFT.  I topped off my look with a straw hat to disguise the rain hair and to pull the whole look together.

Check me out on MSN's blog Simply Chic! Browse through to see some more cute street style shots from the party!

And lastly... you can buy this skirt in my OpenSky Shop HERE!



1 Item, 3 Ways, 2 Big Promotions

Lindsey Calla

1 item 3 ways

Time for another round of "1 item, 3 ways". This White & Warren skirt gets my vote for one of the most versatile pieces around. Not only is it on trend (yea maxis!), but it also doubles as a dress and can fit any style that you are trying to achieve.

Here's my twist on this seriously cool basic:

Look 1: Classic

- Anything maxi has the ability to look elegant and evening so I paired the skirt with a light weight button down and a wide belt. When I put this together I thought of designer Carolina Herrera.. She has perfected the button down/skirt outfit. The panama hat makes it more wearable for daytime.

Look 2: Gypset Festival

-When worn as a dress, this piece reminds me of the gypsy jet set life. I did a DIY turban with a scarf from LOFT (more on that later)

Look 3: Rock Some Edge

- Maxis have been popular lately when worn in an urban, edgy, and almost gothic way. Animal print wedges and a Leviticus body chain make this a street style shot waiting to happen.

Here's the exciting part! This skirt is 20% off in my OpenSky Shop, which means it is only $60! That's a serious steal. Enter MAXI20 when entering check out to get the discount and click the "buy now" button below to purchase!


AND after you grab up the maxi skirt, jump on over to White & Warren's online shopwhere you get 30% off any tops and tees to go with the skirt! ENTER CODE SAUCY30 to get the discount

The promotion starts Monday and goes through Thursday, June 10th! 30% off tops and tees using SAUCY30 20% this maxi skirt using MAXI20




Lindsey Calla


Top: JNBY, Skirt: Vintage, Necklace: Leviticus, Shoes: Cynthia Vincent for Target, Belt: Zara, Ring: Chanel

I have a serious obsession with crosses lately. I've always been obsessed with religious iconography and there is something about wearing crosses that makes me feel transported back into another time. I love this particular necklace because it's an exaggerated take on the trend.

I actually love it so much that I put them in my OpenSky Shop! At under $200 this necklace is a very affordable statement piece. You can click the image to purchase!

Let me take a minute to address the longer hemline. Ever since maxi skirts came dancing down the Fall '10 runways I've felt compelled to work them into my rotation. The New York Timesstyle section also just ran a piece about them HERE. They describe the style perfectly: "long, lean, and willowy" and who doesn't want to be that? They also make the distinction that it isn't a demure or hippie look, but rather more urban. Bingo.



The Cutest Way to Stay Connected!

Lindsey Calla


This is where the nerdy, techy side of me comes out. Y'all knew it was there.. How else do you think all of these posts make it to the site?

It all started when I interviewed Colette Malouf a few weeks back and she gave me one of these little guys as a parting gift. Other than being the cutest things I've ever seen, they serve an amazing social media purpose.
You see, I have a little bit of a hard time managing all of the business cards that I get when I'm out and about and business cards just aren't interactive enough for today's click it world. So instead, I load up all of my links from Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc on my Poken and all you do is touch Pokens together to transfer information!
Then, when you plug the Poken into your computer, a program pops up that manages all of your contacts even down to the day that you met them. Amazing.
These little guys work best when lots of people have them so I decided to sell them in my OpenSky Shop! They seriously make great gifts after business meetings and I highly recommend putting them on your key chain or bag just to look cute.
So there you go.. now you see why I wear cute "geek" glasses for no reason.

1 Blazer, 3 Ways

Lindsey Calla

Some of the best pieces in my closet are pieces that can really go the distance and work for any occasion. When White & Warren sent me this sweater blazer, I started throwing it on with everything. For $185 it makes a great basic, and neutral basics are the foundational key to having a great wardrobe.
Here's why this blazer can go the distance:
The sweater material makes this blazer work well for a casual look. Inspired by the grey color, I kept the look clean, crisp, and monochromatic. The material makes it relaxed and slouchy, yet still pulled together.
To make this blazer work for a work environment I belted my waist to give it a more structured shape. This is a fun twist on a conservative look. The length of the dress is longer and the pearl strand necklace makes it more sophisticated.

Since the blazer is sweater material, I mixed sequins in to add shine and glamour for night. Pairing a blazer with a mini skirt plays around with a cute masculine/feminine look, and I love the mix of textures.
Lucky for SG readers, I've sourced this blazer for my OpenSky Shop and you can click the image to purchase the blazer now! For under $200 dollars this blazer is good on the wallet and great in the closet.