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Saucy Glossie

Challenge Your Core with EXP Core

Lindsey Calla

Saucy Glossie The most important foundation to having a strong body is having a strong core. When you're core is strong you will be amazed at what your body can do and how your muscles react around it. The best example of this is in yoga, and more specifically, some type of inversion. I like to focus on the tripod headstand because it involves really firing up your core and when it's strong enough and you're in balance, your whole body will click into place upside-down. I thought it would be good to go through some of the techniques around this and from what I've learned through practicing at Reyn Studios in Nola (my favorite yoga space in the world!) Also, EXPRESS has a Core Performance line so I thought what better way to showcase my Core with some Core? See what I did there?

Saucy Glossie Saucy Glossie Saucy Glossie To start:

stand 8 - Place your hands about around the upper third area of the mat. Spread your fingers and feel rooted in the ground.  Place your head on the ground in front of your hands far enough away that you can see your hands well in the peripheral and make the bend in your arms parallel to the ground. This may take some practice getting the distance right so don't give up.

Saucy Glossie - Lift your hips up in the air like a pike position.

Saucy Glossie Saucy Glossie

-Start to walk your toes towards your head and hands. You'll start to hit a point where your legs want to lift.

Saucy Glossie - Your legs will start to look in the position like crow. Tucked in and you can rest your knees on your arms if you need.

Saucy GLossie

Saucy Glossie - Use your core to lift your legs over your head and straighten out. Make sure to keep you back straight and chest zipped in. You don't really want too much of a curved back.

Saucy Glossie - Once you nail this, then start doing variations with your legs. Splits, twist, etc

Saucy Glossie

I promise that once you get the balance right, your body will lift up and it won't feel difficult. This is supposed to show just how in tune with your body you can be and when it's right, it will click. Remember that yoga is a practice. It's about progress, not perfection.

Lastly, Express is giving away some performance pieces on their Instagram so follow me @saucyglossie and @expressrunway for details on how to win!

Hoodie, Bra, Capri: EXPRESS Photos: Marianna Massey

xo, SG