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Cherchez La Femme

Saucy Glossie

Cherchez La Femme

Lindsey Calla

Out of the 3 glossies out this week, Elle definitely takes the prize for most interesting/best styling/all-around awesome.  I have to say, when Joe Zee came on and my fave stylist ever, Isabel Dupre left, it took a little getting used to.  But it looks like Elle has found its footing and is rocking it out, quite literally.
On the heels of Alexandra Shulman's declaration to the industry that the size 0 phenom needs to end, Elle profiles a gorgeous and healthy Jennifer Hudson.  Rocking a Dior Homme jacket and Eugenia Kim fedora, Jennifer gives us another reason to keep taking her seriously.
Lady Gaga continues her no pants look and rocks just one over the knee boot and manages to still look so cool.. Drawing another comparison to Madonna, Lady Gaga talks about making "a real genuine impact on culture".  I don't care what critics say, LG's look definitely is inspiring.. take it or leave it.
By far my favorite shoot in the magazine, Joe Zee showcases Fall's Heroic Classicism with heaps of over-the knee boots and gold...No surprise there why its my fave.  Love the use of the bronze statues and the location couldn't be more perfect (because we all know what location budgets are looking like these days).  They shot in NY at the Audubon Terrace.
This is definitely my favorite trend page in the book.  Elle is the BEST at picking up micro-trends and pulling in artistic, historical, references.
This issue is definitely worth your cab money!