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Clogging Up the Runway

Saucy Glossie

Clogging Up the Runway

Lindsey Calla

I'm a bit of a Chanel-a-holic.  I'm not one to really spend on high end designer pieces, but Chanel is different.  My first stimulus check went to my resin ring that never ever leaves my finger.  When I was in Australia, I stumbled upon a designer consignment shop in Sydney that had a black vintage Chanel blazer with knobby gold CC buttons that fit me like a glove.  It was like I had a Chanel soul sister with my exact measurements that gave up that jacket one day hoping that someone else (me) would find it and love it.  Plus, I was so shocked that someone would even give up a jacket like that since Chanel is so classic, that I had to give it a proper home (and the price was low enough to make Coco roll over in her grave).
For Spring '10, Chanel managed to once again impress everyone.  The show was amazing.  And now that Wedge Watch ended fairly quickly, I think I need a new pair of shoes to be obsessed with.  And I think I already found them at the Chanel show today but I'm a little apprehensive about it to be quite honest.  You see, I'm a Louboutin kind of girl and I like a 5 inch stiletto heel.  But there is something about these that makes them secretly lust worthy....
They are straight up clogs, but they are oh so cute.  The platform and thick heels takes them from farm to fab.  Or am I going fashion crazy?