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Coach Poppy Project

Saucy Glossie

Coach Poppy Project

Lindsey Calla

Hey Saucy Glossie posse!

I'm taking part in Coach's Poppy Project and if you look over to your left you can see poppies popping up all over the site (fun!).  You can help grow the pattern and even win prizes by just tweeting and spreading the love.  Here are the deets:

--Make the poppy pattern bloom and grow by tweeting with either the hashtag #coachpoppy , which makes everyone's pattern grow, OR even better, tweet using the hashtag #saucyglossie to make my pattern grow individually!

--Keep your eyes open because if you see a Poppy bag show up in the pattern it's your lucky day! Just click on the bag to win a special prize!

Here's an example tweet: "Grow, Poppy! Grow! #saucyglossie #coachpoppy"

The more you tweet with my hashtag the more my pattern grows and I could also win a prize.. So, I really need your help!  Thanks guys!