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Comfort Wins

Saucy Glossie

Comfort Wins

Lindsey Calla

Top and Sweater: LOFT, Pants: Poleci via TJ Maxx, Shoes: Jessica Simpson via TJ Maxx, Hat: Club Monaco

This entire outfit the result of wanting to be really comfortable.  That's all really.  My hair was dirty so I threw on a hat, I was cold so I threw on a sweater, and I wanted baggy pants so I threw on these.  I also just got these shoes so had to test drive them, obviously.

I promise to switch up the background soon.. I know this brick wall is getting boring I'm sure.

What's everyone being for Halloween?  Since I like to dress up in weird outfits every other day of the year, I like to sit Halloween out.  Plus, in New York it is almost worse than New Years.. Lots of sloppy drunk people hogging all the cabs and yelling mean things at you while you get stuck in an obnoxious parade.  Weird but true.  I'm just not really the partying type.  However, if someone offered to go legitimate trick-or-treating with me in the suburbs, I'd totally be on board.  Because, well.. I love free candy.

Have a safe weekend!