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Designer Glossier- Stacey Lapidus

Saucy Glossie

Designer Glossier- Stacey Lapidus

Lindsey Calla

Good Morning Upper East-siders, Glossie Girl here.  Your one and only source into the lives of fashion's elite.  You can pretty much guarantee that when you see Blair Waldorf in one of her signature headbands, or "Blairbands" as they've become known, it has been one of Stacey Lapidus' designs.   A former Vanity Fair accessories editor, Stacey has spent countless hours and market appointments finding the hottest baubles, so it was only natural that Stacey would leave a huge imprint on the accessories market herself.  Stacey gives us the gloss on her line, her experiences with Mischa, and her tricks for finding amazing antique jewelry.
Ok, first off, how did you get started?
I was the accessories editor at Vanity Fair for about 5 1/2 years and then left to help my brother Lloyd launch his first fashion venture, which is pretty much a household name now,  About a year later, the company moved to Seattle and I had not a clue what was next.  I knew I wanted to stay in fashion and my brother offered to back me to do a handbag line.  It has been 4 years and here I am!
So what fuels your passion for accessories over fashion/apparel?
I think I just got into accessories because of my background, and I just fell in love with them while at Vanity Fair.  I was just in a fantasy world getting to see and use all the most incredible designs in the world and it just took over.  I do love apparel as well, I did some pieces one season.  I just feel apparel should be classic and timeless and there is so much more fun you can have and really go nuts when designing accessories.
Nicole Richie in Stacey Lapidus designs
How has Blair Waldorf helped your sales or influenced your designs?
It has influenced my sales tremendously.  Whenever she wears one of my designs on the show, I get a slew of orders for that specific one starting that night!

Who is your favorite designer?  Magazine? Boutique? City?
Alberta Ferretti, Vanity Fair, Marni, New York City
You've recently collaborated with Mischa Barton on a headband collection (Mischa Barton for Stacey Lapidus collection).  What was the inspiration behind the line?  How did her style influence the line?
Mischa was the inspiration behind our collaboration.  She is a big fan of my work and I admire her sense of style.  I love that she is very open-minded and really has her own sense of style that is not just designer head to toe.  Her style is seen in the line with the earthy, boho pieces as well as the really classic pieces that are timeless.

I've heard you love to shop for antique jewelry.  What are some of your favorite spots to do so?  Any tips you can give us on scoring some great finds?
My favorite vintage jewelry dealer is a woman named Meleody Rodgers.  We met at Vanity Fair when I used to borrow her pieces for shoots, which became deadly as I always ended up leaving our appointments with a little purchase for myself!
The only advice I can give to pick out a stand out piece is you just have to find something that you immediately see and say "I have to have's so me".  Everyone is different and loves different things.  Follow your own advice when buying and if you aren't sure, go home and if you can't stop thinking about it then you will know you want it and go buy it the next day!
What is next for Stacey Lapidus collection? Are you staying focused on hair accessories or will you continue to expand on your jewelry and handbags?
I just finished my first "couture" headband collection which is now available on my website and the response has been great!  I am focusing on hair accessories at the moment but I would eventually like to get back to bags, jewelry and some other categories as well.
A look from Stacey's couture collection
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