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Designer Glossier- Zimmermann

Saucy Glossie

Designer Glossier- Zimmermann

Lindsey Calla


Aussie girls have it all.  Beautiful beaches, beautiful people, great tans, and Zimmermann,  a line so fantastic that you instantly feel stylish whether you're in their swimsuits or harem pants.   Sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann have practically perfected beachwear to city wear to party wear clothing.  And how couldn't they?  Working all day in Surrey Hills, grabbing a flat white in Potts Point, then off to party on the rooftop of The Swiss Grand on Bondi beach.  Translation: Working in Soho all day, grabbing a coffee in the Village, then jetting out to the Hamptons.... A Zimmermann piece can take you seamlessly to them all.  Lucky for us, the girls are looking to expand more in the States, which could be the best overseas invasion since Topshop.  I had a chance to chat with Nicky before her Resort preview on the Empire Roof Hotel to get the gloss on the collection.

What was your inspiration for the Resort line?
We are always inspired by print and color when designing the collections, especially the swim collection.  All the groupings within the swim collection really portray the different moods of the Zimmermann girl.
Where do you see the Zimmerman girl vacationing come resort time?
The Australian Zimmermann girl travels to Bali or Bondi.  The U.S. Zimmermann girl goes to Miami or Cabo.
What are your personal favorite destination spots?
In Australia, I love Tamarama Beach, and I love traveling to Bali and Greece.
Tamarama Beach, also known as "Glamarama"
How are American girls different than Sydney girls when it comes to style?  Do you find that they wear your clothes differently?
I actually think American girls and Sydney girls are very similar infact- particularly here in New York-their style resonates the same way as a Sydney/Melbourne girl.
 I lived on Bondi Beach above Speedos for 3 months and it was amazing!  I always felt that your clothes could take me from the beach to the CBD (like my aussie lingo?) without looking out of place.  How do you find that balance when designing, if you agree?
I 100% agree- balance is definitely what we're about. Our swimwear collection is more about fashion, not about traditional beachwear.  It is all about the clothes you can wear to a fabulous party.
What is your favorite shopping destination when you come to New York?
The first thing I do when I get to New York is head to Barneys- their assortment really sets the tone for me.  Then from there I hit Meatpacking, Soho, West Village, and Nolita.  There are so many amazing neighborhoods!
Do you see the line expanding into more stores in the US soon?
Absolutely!  Ideally, we want to have our own retail stores here to begin to mimic the retail structure we have in Australia.  We have 13 stores throughout the country there!
What are your must have items for the beach?
A Zimmermann one piece and stud bag, Invisible Zinc sunscreen, a great hat, and a good book are essential
A peek at the goody bags, which included Invisible Zink and a good book!
Can you describe your personal styles?  How do you differ from one another?
We are definitely different.  Simone is a bit more classic and I'm a little more adventurous
For more info on where to buy Zimmermann click HERE!  And thanks to Arielle and the rest of the gals at Keri Levitt Communications for a great event!
I also found a style buddy last night at the event.  Laurel Pinson, Fashion Editor of The Thread, and I both in white blazers, bandage pieces, and lace up nude shoes!