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Saucy Glossie

Friday Reflections

Lindsey Calla

Saucy Glossie Saucy Glossie

pig 2 PS2

Bra, Shorts: Under Armour

Happy Friday!  Nothing makes me happier than being alone on a beach, focused and within my own self just taking in the ebb and flow of the waves kissing the sand.  This was a particularly beautiful early fall sunset and the retreat of the waves left a shimmer that showed these beautiful reflections.  It was something I stumbled upon while photographing and the mirror image in the first photo just felt like such a good representation of what doing yoga on a beach can bring you: a complete reflection of self.  The mirror doesn't lie and neither does the body.  I've always been amazed with what the body can do when you train yourself mentally and physically, which naturally comes from being an athlete, but yoga pushes this further than I ever thought possible.  Yesterday I was in class and was able to do my first headstand with my palms on the ground, forcing my arms and core to lock into place and lift my legs off the ground.  It was completely controlled and almost easy.   

Even with that simple personal triumph, I still struggle with super tight hamstrings and locked hips.  Going through some of these poses really helps to get everything feeling loose and open.  Hope this brings some inspiration for the weekend!  I realize this isn't front row reporting from Milan, throwing outfit shots up every free moment, but this focus and pace brings me in a better place than chasing that endless wheel of never doing or having enough.

Next week I'll be in Spain with a group of really AMAZING and inspiring women.  Some are olympians, some just really strong, ambitious fearless women, who will be taking off from Spain to sail around the world in an ocean race.  Looking forward to bringing you guys along for that adventure!

xo, SG