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Happy Wednesday!  My last sponsored post with Gillette Venus is a recap of the amazing time we had in Times Square yesterday!  If you asked me to list the things that could be done in Times Square, I never would have guessed shaving could be one of them, but New York never ceases to amaze me and Gillette Venus pulled it off with style.  Times Square shines pretty bright, but nothing shined brighter than the women who walked across this blue carpet for a good cause.  Model Miranda Kerr kicked off the multi-city tour in a stunning yellow dress from RTR.  I've been trying to get a hold of this one for ages but it's always booked out, now I see why!

Before I took my steps across the carpet, I checked out the massive blue tent that was filled with dresses and accessories to choose from, a beauty station stocked with essentials, and beautiful spa-like shaving stations hidden behind bright blue curtains.  I'm very familiar with the Venus products because I use them personally at home but I was able to get a run down on the difference in the products and chose the Venus & Olay razor for extra moisture.  My skin is so dry so I really need the extra burst of moisture and it's pretty impressive that the extra moisture bars of Olay really keep skin looking supple and quenched.

I took a grand total of 28 steps across the carpet which means $28 was donated to the Step Up Women's Network (and that doesn't even include my tweets!).  I saw the excitement that the other women had because they took a few minutes out of their day to pamper themselves and unite to make each other feel beautiful and confident.

I hope you all will participate in this program by tweeting with the hashtag #stepup or to swing by one of the city stops to have this experience yourselves.  Your legs will thank you!