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Saucy Glossie

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Saucy Glossie

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Happy Tuesday!  I've been struggling with terribly dry, dull skin this winter.  The traveling, frigid temps and harsh winds constantly kept stripping my skin of moisture and I tried everything and anything to keep it plump and dewy.  I have dry skin naturally which didn't help and I'm sure I'm not the only one out there.  Loss of moisture is a fact of life as we age but these are my go-to products to really get the job done.  I have to throw out the disclaimer that a lot of these aren't drugstore cheap buys but more investment items that actually show results (at least for me).  I've been finding that better my skin looks naturally, the less makeup I need to constantly buy to cover up skin issues.

1 & 4:  My skin has never been the same since I discovered Marula oil.  It's rich in antioxidants, incredibly moisturizing and completely natural.  I NEVER use soap on my face and their face wash doesn't strip my skin.

2: Most concealers set and dry into the creases around my eyes and this is the only one I've found that covers like a dream and never ever gets cakey or dry and crumbly.  It's hard to find though.  I have to go to a Makeup For Ever boutique to get it but it's worth it.

3:  Ok... this is probably the most money I've ever spent on any beauty product EVER.  Someone gave me samples at Saks, I took it home, slept with it on and woke up the next morning with the silkiest, smoothest, brightest skin and any trace of lines or wrinkles had virtually disappeared.  Still skeptical I walked into the store to learn more and the guy at the counter told me that in the end it would be cheaper than getting filler or injections *cringe*.  Sold.  It's lasted me 4 months so far and still going strong.

5:  I usually get facials at Mario Badescu when I have shoots coming up to restore moisture and trick my skin into looking impossibly radiant.  There are a lot of times when I just don't have 2 hours to get there and go through the process so I use this mask when necessary.  It's a cream mask so it's hydrating and actually plumps and tightens my skin.  When I got home after I bought it I googled it and realized it was a cult product.  I completely understand why.  It's a professional facial in a bottle.

6.  As I said, I don't wash my face with soap.  I'm that girl that never washed her face before bed for years in my early twenties and now I can't go to bed unless I go through my skin routine.  That change alone has transformed my skin.  This product cleanses with lotion and tones and sometimes you don't even need water to remove impurities.  Apparently they are having a stock/warehouse issue with it at Sephora but I tracked it down on Asos.

7.  You can mix this serum in with anything to give it an extra boost of hydration.  I use it to make my skin look dewy after I put make up on my face.

8.  I put a lot of HD foundation on for shoots so when I'm just bumming around I wear this tinted moisturizer.  I've tried the non-illuminating from them and it basically did nothing for me.  The illuminating reflects that light and covers imperfections better and keeps it looking plump and dewy.

9.  Any type of powder makeup basically soaks into my skin immediately and emphasizes any shadow or weird angles on my face making it look dull.  This cheek stain is really moist and keeps it glowy.

That's the rundown.  I'm sure I'll discover some new ones soon and become obsessed.  I put a few other goodies in the widget below.  If you're looking for something more inexpensive the Garnier oil face wash works well.  Would love to hear your dry skin secrets if you have some!  *click the linked numbers under the collage or scroll below to purchase