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Glossie Game Day:  Advantage, Saucy.

Saucy Glossie

Glossie Game Day: Advantage, Saucy.

Lindsey Calla


Well this was epic.  Polo Ralph Lauren approached me a few weeks ago with a very enticing offer to try out to be a ball girl for this year's US Open.  Clearly, thoughts of standing behind Federer grabbing his sweaty towel danced in my head and I immediately said yes.  Then, clearly, thoughts of getting pelted in the face with tennis balls and tripping over my feat while ruining match point flooded over me, but regardless, I was up for the challenge.

I headed out to the Billie Jean King tennis facility with my photographer du jour, Jonathan, who was kind enough to give me a ride on his motorcycle.  Motorcycle. Highway. Tennis tryouts.  Who am I?  Well, what I do know is that you should never ride on a motorcycle in a raging thunderstorm when you need to get photographed working out.  Despite the odds, I arrived somewhat in one piece and I was handed the cutest uniform to wear.

It was the official ball girl uniform designed by Mr. Lauren himself and I died over the Nadal-esque neon theme and flattering feminine cut.  I've worn many uniforms in my day and this one is the epitome of smart design: shorts under the skirt with the right amount of stretch, a flattering taper to the top, and bold, sleek colors.

A group of us were given a private tryout before the real tryouts where we were evaluated on our skills at the net and behind the baseline.  I excelled at running and grabbing the net ball and failed miserably at the back position.  The judge shouted at me every so often things like: "you do realize that hypothetically you just nailed the head judge in the head" and "you actually have to sprint back to your position".

All in all, I'd say that: only Federer can look good mid-workout, I would wear this outfit all day every day and be quite happy, and I still may have retained some athletic ability.. Phew.  Thought it was lost along with my ACL a few years ago.

The best part?  Even if I don't make the team I still get to keep the uniform!  Many thanks to the team at Ralph Lauren for the unique opportunity!

Photography by Jonathan Alpeyrie (except for the Federer photo which I sneaky snapped on the way out)