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Saucy Glossie

Glossie GameDay: Jump To It

Lindsey Calla

Saucy Glossie Saucy Glossie

Saucy Glossie

Sports Bra & Shorts: Joe Fresh, Sneakers: saucony via TJ Maxx

Happy Friday!  If you've been reading my blog from the start you know that I dabble in sports and fitness often (the little icon of a man pumping iron on the right column will bring you to those posts).  I really want to bring some of these posts out more often so we can all share ideas, tips, struggles, and motivate and inspire each other to live healthy (and fashionable) lives.  I was a Division I lacrosse player and trained consistently for the first 20 years of my life until I was sidelined with a knee injury.  It's still a big part of my daily life and I've learned to incorporate my training into routines that work for my current lifestyle and the body shape that I have and want to have.

I tend to put muscle on very easily because I trained so hard for so long.  Jumping rope is one activity that doesn't add bulk but engages your core and improves endurance all at the same time.  It's also great for the mind/stress because it forces you to focus and concentrate on being present and keeping a rhythm.  Here are some key tips:

-- Mix up your steps.  It's not about jumping up and down with two feet together always touching once between swings.  I do single touches, double touches, alternating feet, jumping on one leg, etc.  It keeps it interesting and the key to longevity in exercise is constantly challenging your body so it doesn't get bored.

-- I prefer using vinyl ropes over the colorful plastic beaded ones.  The latter stings if you mess up and hit your legs... and that feels like punishment.  I don't want my jump rope to shame me for my lack of coordination.

-- I usually jump for 20-40 min, stopping and restarting as necessary.  Jumping rope is like dancing so you want to have a killer playlist of songs with the right beat that matches your jumping rhythm.  If you stay on the beat then it becomes a lot easier and doesn't feel like you're just counting the minutes. Here are a few of my favorite songs that seem random but really work for me:

Have a happy and healthy weekend!