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Saucy Glossie

ball 3 PSTop: Herve Leger, Shorts: Koral Activewear, Sneaks: Forever 21

Happy Fitness Friday!  Today's inspiration comes straight from the ball court because nothing will whip your butt into shape like suicides.  Basketball has been on my mind lately because it was All-Star Weekend in Nola this weekend and March Madness is almost upon us.  I also was just at a Knicks v Pelicans game where the between quarter entertainment was two people running up and down the length of the basketball quart bending over to pick up pieces of fake lettuce and tomato to see who can make a sandwich first to win some weird prize.  As I watched this I felt my legs burn for them.  If you're not familiar with suicides they basically entail running the length of the basketball court while touching the ground back and forth cutting the distance shorter each time.  It's basically an interval drill which is awesome for endurance.  I recently saw a few girls running them along the beach so you don't necessarily need a ball court.. All you need to do complete this exercise is:

Set a distance for yourself then cut it down into 4 parts Run the longest length then all the way back to start Run the 2nd longest length all the way back to start Repeat until finished and don't forget to touch the ground each time you hit a distance point Feel the Burn

Good luck and have a healthy weekend!