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Saucy Glossie


Happy Fitness Friday!  I have a few more medicine ball exercises that I didn't include on the last batch.  The medicine ball is my favorite so I always have plenty of cards in my pocket to pull out so I don't get bored doing the same thing.  I'm a big ab person.  It's the one spot that usually stays consistent and and reacts well to exercise.  I used to have a fascination with Britney Spears' stomach back in the day during her Slave for You video days.  I would come home and watch TRL and wonder how she got such great definition in her stomach.  Those were the days.

Squeeze & Drop: - Put the medicine ball between your legs, squeezing gently on the inside of your knees against the ball.  Lower your toes down towards the floor, knees bent, but don't touch the floor.  Make sure to keep your lower back on the floor and don't strain your neck.  Focus the energy on the lower abs.

Elevated Leg Crunch Twist: - Your standard side twist crunch but keep your legs elevated.  The lower your legs are, the harder the exercise will be for you abs.

Have a healthy weekend!

xo, SG