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Glossie Interiors: New Finds

Saucy Glossie

Glossie Interiors: New Finds

Lindsey Calla


I'm starting to make some headway in the apartment decorating department.  The experience has been similar to styling, where you try things on to see how they fit and maybe swap out a few things until it feels complete.  I found some key pieces that are taking me into a new direction so I may end up switching out the lamp and table, but I need to find something that inspires me to do so first!

The mirror was an antique shop find for $80 and of course I fell in love with the dramatic, almost baroque design.  It has a few chips and the glass shows some wear, but I love the character of that.

The story behind the mirrored dresser: My mom spotted it at a TJ Maxx/Homegoods down by the shore and unfortunately it had a hold/sold tag on it.  We went back about 5 days later to make sure that the lady had come to pick it up and fortunately for us, she never did!  So I snatched it up so fast and drove off towards the sunset, top down, with our head scarves and sunglasses blowing in the wind as we yelled and hit the dashboard in exuberance.... ok that didn't happen but that's what it reminded me of.

Luckily I took these photos last week before the hurricane hit because my ceiling got wet, my lantern fell, and rain came through my air conditioner and ruined 2 new pairs of shoes!  Everything is a mess right now!