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Marula Oil

Happy Sunday!  I have become crazy obsessive about skin care in the past few years.  It's partly due to just noticing changes in my skin naturally day to day as more time goes by and also from seeing myself more on camera.  I have extremely dry skin that reacts unfavorably to lots of forces like climate, seasons, diet, and most of all, daily stress.  After trying a million moisturizers, creams, drinking heaps of water, nothing seemed to be working and my complexion just felt dull overall.  I popped into Sephora on a whim and the sales girl recommended moisturizer in an oil rather than a cream because it soaks into your skin faster and deeper.  Pretty skeptically and a pretty penny later, I caved and my skin has completely transformed.  It's been about 2 weeks using the product at night and in the morning and I'm completely blown away with the results.  My tone, elasticity, and suppleness has returned/improved and I've seen a noticeable difference around my eyes and any fine lines that pop up here and there.  I don't have acne prone skin so breaking out using this has not been an issue at all.  I was so hard on myself and my skin/lifestyle,  but all my skin needed was a deeper level of moisture to fix a lot of the problems I was noticing.

I don't usually do reviews on products but I had to share this with you guys because it's that good!  I also really like this particular brand because it is fair trade and the founders are big into helping women in rural Africa create a sustainable income through harvesting the oil.

I think this is a great way to rethink how you bring moisture back into the skin and I can't stress the importance of a skin care routine that works for your skin and lifestyle.  I'm so happy to share results that actually work and there's nothing better than getting a recommendation before plunking down for this but it's worth it!  Would also love to hear any thoughts you have on experiences with this oil or others, especially the Rodin olio lusso!

xo, SG