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Glossie Report- Harper's Bazaar

Saucy Glossie

Glossie Report- Harper's Bazaar

Lindsey Calla


June Harper's Bazaar is workin it recessionista style focusing on deals and steals and still managing to look effortlessly expensive.  The cover text design has been popping up on magazine covers everywhere.. not sure if they are inspired by Stephen Sprouse or just trying to modernize hoping ad sales will boost.  Either way, it makes the magazine appear fresh and new and maybe even more relatable using a hand-written like font.

How to Spot a Bargain- Which apparently for women who buy designer, that means anything under 2000 (I wish) and for the rest of us, under 500.  

Simon Kneen from Banana Republic says a real bargain is when "you're getting great qualities and value at an affordable price".  They also highlighted Gilt Groupe as a great resource, however, they still didn't explain to me why it took .5 seconds for all the Herve Leger dresses to be sold out.
The Editors also hit on the ladylike trend that will be big for fall.  Loving the preppy twist with the crest details.  Still managing to make the outfits look decadent on a decent price, the shoot location is gorgeous and sort of brings an old Hollywood, Brooke Astor feel, if of course she wasn't on trial at the moment.
Saucy Aussie model Abbey Lee shows us the Best of What's New in a ridiculously adorable curly coif.  The rich natural hue of her hair complements the moody neutrals and makes me so glad that my hair frizzes in the summer so I can look like her.
And even though Glenda Bailey is still rumored not to have a blackberry, cell phone, or computer, she manages to keep her finger on the pulse of her younger audience.  Take "The Jonah Hills".  Jonah is promoting his new movie Funny People and proves that he is actually, well, a funny person.
He says, while draped in Stephen Sprouse for LV and Dior Homme,  "If Kitson became a country, I would pack up my belongings, move there, and apply for citizenship."  Priceless.

Bazaar is worth picking up, if not for all of the great steals and stylish tips in the Front of Book and in the Well, but for showing that you really don't have to sacrifice great style to look glamorous on a budget in an inventive way.
Happy Friday!