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Golden Blue

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Golden Blue

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Top: AKA New York

There are stories about an ancient tribe of women called the Amazons, a matriarchal society so extreme that they would only bring in men once a year as slaves to procreate then they would toss them back.  They were fierce warriors and even removed their chests so they could shoot bows and arrows just as well as men could. They were completely self-sufficient and probably pretty happy.  I believe these women lived in a past society with a dating scene equivalent to New York City.

There are certain times of the year when you are forced to have a major moment of self-reflection.  For me this is usually brought on by Mercury being in retrograde.  Things fall apart, trouble usually in the form of boys always comes my way, and I catch myself needing to refocus.  Sometimes you just need a few days to regain your balance and perspective.

The whole meaning of this post really is to explain the lack of new posts and outfits which will resume early this week.  The weather has finally turned and now it's time to focus all energy on work and spark some new creativity!  I needed some new headshot pics so I figured I would share with y'all.  I love doing beauty shoots because you get to pick pieces with pretty necklines and textures.  I have something coming up that will be make-up focused and I'll share some of my tips when that comes out.

Have a great weekend!!  ** Just for the record, the anecdote is meant to be light-hearted and joking.. No negative comments please. :-)