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Saucy Glossie

High Degree

Lindsey Calla

Saucy GlossieSaucy Glossie On me: Koral Activewear, Bag: Palethorp

Hello, lovelies!  I'm currently in Santa Monica recovering from a really busy past few days flying and covering the Golden Globes.  The first thing I wanted to do when I woke up was break out my sneakers and do something active.  Looking back, probably the most fit I've ever been was when I lived in Sydney and woke up everyday running up and down the stairs along the cliffs and then dipping in the ocean at Bondi.  This area of Cali reminds me a lot of that so I took advantage of all of the killer stairways that lead from the city down to the beach.  Talk about working the back of your legs and butt! It's also 80 degrees and my body isn't used to sweating so I have my gym bag (which actually is just a beach bag) extra packed with things to keep me hydrated, but also clean and dry.  The little pink circles are actually wrist weights for walking because I've realized after trying to surf that I seriously lack upper arm strength!

Speaking of awards, I'll be back with Yahoo covering the Grammys next weekend!  Excited to cover this red carpet because the fashion is edgier and more daring than the GG.  Should definitely be a lot to talk about!  Good news is you can win a trip to next year's 57th annual Grammy's with Degree at Walgreens by entering their contest HERE.  Degree is looking to celebrate women that never give up and always go the extra mile and I think that's a great message for 2014 and something I'm looking to focus on in my own life. I chose the MotionSENSE which is their strongest protection which should get me through long days of running around in this heat!  Good luck entering the contest!

PS: I just love the light in California.. this was right at sundown and there was that orange sunset glow happening which basically reflects off of my skin tone.  So, no, I'm not actually that tan at all but I'll take whatever help I can get in January!

xo, SG