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In the Air

Saucy Glossie

In the Air

Lindsey Calla


SpringSpringdock 3Rafe Bag, Jimmy Choo Target Hat SpringDock Trench: Zara, Top: Clover Canyon (similar), Jeans: Pookie & Sebastian (similar) Bag: Rafe (blue version), Shoes: Jimmy Choo (similar and cheaper), Ring: Melanie Auld, Hat: Target

Hope everyone had a great weekend!  Sundays can sometimes be the toughest days. Things are slow or closed and the work week is looming so I always love posting on Sunday evenings.  It gives me, and hopefully you, a welcomed distraction from the things that linger on the mind when it's really quiet.  I can sense that spring is just around the corner and I'm starting to infuse warm weather elements into my winter-blah-drobe.  That includes a few pops of color and shifting from my heavy winter hats into something a little lighter.

Can you tell I'm a water sign?  Anything related to the beach or water (Hudson River does NOT count) always makes me feel so much better.  Making it a short-term goal to relocate to a better climate!