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Jill Stuart Spring '10

Saucy Glossie

Jill Stuart Spring '10

Lindsey Calla


I love that Jill Stuart always does her runway show at the New York Public Library.  It is such a pretty space and it also makes the PR girls' job easier by having tons and tons of front row seats stretching down the corridor.  And after seeing Mr. Big yesterday and being at the steps where Carrie almost got married, the past few days have felt like a scene from Sex and the City.  

The clothes were absolutely amazing.  One of my favorites from Jill Stuart in the past few seasons.  The show started out with sporty color blocking in electric blue, white, and black.  Then came a sea of white draped beautifully on the models.  And finally my favorites were the sequin dresses, studded jackets, and fringed numbers.  Sort of had a 70's club vibe.   
And both the NY Housewives and The Housewives of NJ were sitting front row almost across from each other.  Wonder if they all get along?  I did see Bethenny and Kelly chatting and smiling away with each other so maybe the drama is all staged for the show?  Wouldn't be surprised.