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Saucy Glossie


Lindsey Calla


Dress: Rebecca Taylor, Hat, Sunnies and Bangles: Laila Rowe, Shoes: c/o Nine West, Bracelets: Sisco, Earrings: c/o Tiffany, Necklaces: Tat2 (top) and Banana Republic (bottom)

I had a crazy fun time in Montauk this weekend and this outfit reflects that free-spirited, carefree vibe that I carried back with me into the city.  I've been looking for something to wear with these shoes and this dress is definitely a perfect fit.  It picks up the subtle red/orange in them so well!  I stumbled into Laila Rowe last week and found all of these great accessories for next to nothing.  There's a good chance that I already have too many hats, but then again, can you really have too many hats?

I took my own photos today and this cute little inquisitive girl came up just dying to be photographed (future street style star?).  I think the look of sheer joy in her face says it all.  It's a reminder to live life with complete curiosity and unbridled enthusiasm for the small things.  Also, do note that we are wearing complementary outfits.  Coincidence?  Definitely not, I think we share the same vibe.

(future superstar)

PS: one of my friends asked me this weekend if I ever photoshop the ACL scar on my knee out.. The answer is definitely no.. It's a total battle wound!  You can see it if you look closely.