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Jumper Cable

Saucy Glossie

Jumper Cable

Lindsey Calla


Sunnies: Michael Kors, Scarf: Bloomingdale's, Sweater: Vince via TJ Maxx, Skirt and Top: LOFT, Tights: J Crew, Shoes: L'Autre Chose, Gloves: Henri Bendel Photos: Altamira

I'm so over saying how cold it is so I'm not even going to go there anymore because I'm sure you are bundled up somewhere reading this.  I figure if I throw on some chic sunglasses that it will make me feel warmer, like I'm somewhere fabulously tropical.  In real life I've actually been crazy busy running laps around the city, up and down the subway steps, lugging bags and trying not to be late to all of my appointments.  I've also been layering up like Michelin woman and I swear if I fell down the subway steps I would come out completely unharmed because of all the padding.  Guess there's an upside to everything!

I've been wearing this sweater to death because it is perfectly oversized without looking bulky.  It has the best shape because I hate when sweaters fit your upper half but then cling around the butt/hip area.. Blech!  I also got it for under a $100 which is insane considering it is Vince.

Hope you enjoy the video below!  I think I will start adding these to my outfit posts if you guys like them!