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Keep on Pressin' On

Saucy Glossie

Keep on Pressin' On

Lindsey Calla


Seventeen Magazine April '11

It's so crazy how things in life come full circle.  Sometimes when that happens it means that you are on the right path and that your instincts were always right and to take that feeling and apply it to the next goal.  My first 2 internships (way long ago it seems like) were with L'Oreal and Seventeen and now I've found myself working with both in a capacity that I couldn't have even imagined.  Not to mention I've just been asked to come speak by my alma mater at a student-athlete panel at the end of the month! I almost cried.  Why? Because I have worked so damn hard. Always.

The L'Oreal ad is running in Canadian magazines like Flare and Elle so check it out if you are up that way, eh?  I actually use the Voluminous mascara and it's amazing.. It's so good that it made me retire my Dior show!

The Seventeen article is for their favorite web clicks and I am beyond honored to be included!  I just love the magazine, what it stands for, and their whole entire team is just the nicest bunch in the biz.  Make sure you pick up a copy and check out their website for super cute affordable fashion ideas!

Remember that you are what you envision for yourself!  Someone once told me that I should forget trying to be in fashion and that only rock stars become stylists.  Well, I'm sitting at a hotel in Houston prepping a national tv styling segment...and I don't even like rock music.