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La Sultana

Saucy Glossie

La Sultana

Lindsey Calla


 Dress: T Bags, Clutch: Gypsy 05, Shoes: Zara

Not only does La Sultana have a very relaxing pool but it also boasts and incredible spa which I took full advantage of during our stay.  There is a breathtaking pool area that is open air in the warmer months and the archway leads right into the spa and steam rooms.  I chose to get a massage with the native argan oil and amber essence (which you can get with 2 OR 4 hands!) and a manicure that left my hands soft for days.  They use argan oil in almost everything here from cooking to cosmetics and my skin felt incredible, my complexion was flawless, and the Northeast winter dryness I had was momentarily gone.  I have really dry skin naturally so the oil really sinks in and does wonders for me.

This dress really needed to have a moment in Morocco and it has a very zen feel to it which fit the vibe of this place perfectly.  I wore it to our first lunch and then slipped on some sandals while exploring the rest of the beach and property.   And I think the clutch speaks for itself... It was one of the first things I put into my suitcase!