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Maxxinista Meet & Greet

Saucy Glossie

Maxxinista Meet & Greet

Lindsey Calla


Everything I'm wearing is from TJ Maxx All photos by Craig Arend

On Wednesday I had the wonderful opportunity to co-present TJ Maxx spring trends with Vogue Magazine to a group of super fab bloggers and influencers.  Myself, along with Cara Crowley from Vogue, each took a turn to convert these fashionistas into bonafide Maxxinistas!  We had a runway show that highlighted some of TJ Maxx's hottest trends, a rousing game of Off Price is Right, and some of my juiciest insider styling and shopping tips.  But because you all are such awesome readers I'll share some of the things that I spoke about:

  • I can't stress enough how important it is to shop often.  TJ Maxx gets 10,000 new items a week per store so every time you pop in, you're guaranteed fresh merchandise
  • What makes TJ Maxx unique is that their buyers buy year round as opposed to department store buyers who buy seasonally.  This allows the buyers to act fast and capitalize on trends as they are happening and they can take advantage of store over-buys or designer over-production.
  • You'll see the best of the best of spring trends when you pop by the store.  Bohemian..feminine details like lace, crochet, polka dots..COLOR!..mixing prints.. They are all represented to the maxx at TJ and I almost stripped all of the mannequins naked and took everything home with me..
  • Shop the perimeter first...That's where most of the new merchandise is displayed.  I like to start with the Runway section (check to see where a store near you has one!) and then dive into the middle racks and I never forget the junior section because I've found some AWESOME scores there as well.
  • I love saving money.  I also like to look expensive but not actually be expensive (unless you're a boy, in which case, i love DIAMONDS).  TJ Maxx is the smart way to shop because you legitimately save money without sacrificing quality.

Thanks to all of the bloggers who came out to support!  It was so fun to be able to share my passion for the brand and I always love getting the opportunity practice my presentation skills (pushes nerd glasses up).   I still have like 10 things to share with you guys but I don't wanna overwhelm ya'll..... ok one more thing..

New Trendspotting episode airs on TBS tomorrow at 1:45pm!  It's one of my favorites for sure.