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Saucy Glossie

Multitasking Workouts

Lindsey Calla

Saucy Glossie Adidas Happy Fitness Friday!  I've teamed up with adidas and Refinery 29 again to bring you a ton of new fitspiration just in time for Fall.  If you remember my last shoot with Ben Ritter and team here and here, we continue to take Manhattan by storm and find the best trainers and best locations to bring you the best fitness content on the web.  Today, it's all about multitasking.  Sorry, guys, but women take the top spot when it comes to being able to juggle a million things and still not only look good but just BE good.  This pertains to every aspect of life including fitness.  The most common phrase uttered when it comes to fitting in a workout is "I'm too busy for XYZ".  We've all been there and now I'm here with my dream team to help eliminate that phrase completely with some quick and easy workouts that target multiple muscle groups and cut your workouts in half.  Here are a few exercises we outlined with a little help from Kelvin Gary from Body Space Fitness in NYC.  There are detailed descriptions of each workout and some quotes from me in the feature here.  Feel free to pin these and add them to your workout inspiration board! Saucy Glossie adidas

Saucy Glossie adidas

xo, SG