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Pants-less Stampede

Saucy Glossie

Pants-less Stampede

Lindsey Calla

Dolce & Gabbana

I'm trying to make sense of the "no pants" phenomenon that has recently swept New York and now Milan (no doubt Paris is next).  How does this really translate into stores and into something you can buy and wear out in public?  I love the creative effect it has during a show, but will girls really be stepping out in underwear as outerwear?  Well, someone has flirted with that idea already.  Take Daisy Lowe at Dolce.

So... is this going to really be an acceptable way of dressing now?  Like when women started to wear 2 piece bikinis and everyone freaked out, but now we think its totally normal to wear them.  So in like 10 years everyone will be walking around like this... like its totally normal and people who wear pants or long shorts will be considered square...?  I have to say it sort of feels liberating to only have to think of the top half of your outfit and accessories.  Better hit the gym!