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Saucy Glossie

Perfect Summer Match

Lindsey Calla

Saucy Glossie Saucy Glossie

Saucy Glossie

Saucy Glossie

Saucy Glossie

Saucy GLossie

Saucy Glossie Cover up: Pily Q (slightly different shape here), Top: Chloe, Bottoms: Vitamin A {Thanks to Venus for sponsoring this post and letting my creativity run wild}

Summer is all about perfect matches. It can be the perfect swimsuit that feels like it is made for your body or meeting someone new and special on a hot, balmy night that gives you the kind of hope that only a summer encounter can bring. Everything just always seems to come together in the summer. It’s obviously my favorite time of the year and with each passing day come more invitations for showing a whole lot of leg.

When it comes to beach style my perfect match is more of a mix and match. I found these bottoms on sale at the end of last summer but they didn’t have the matching top. The cut was so perfect for me, and super comfortable, so I bought it anyway and took the top from my favorite white scalloped bikini to create a mixture of two of my favorite styles. I’m also obsessed with this coverup because of the super cute scallop detail, lace up and bell sleeve!

When it comes to my beach beauty style, if you remember last year I partnered with Venus to kick off the summer in the smoothest way possible and this year they are here again to be the perfect match to help get my legs summer ready! I always wonder how I missed that random patch on my knee and dread adding another nick to my ankles. I already have a huge scar on my left knee from knee surgery years ago and I really would rather not have my legs look like they were used for target practice. You can see some of the scars around my ankles from past shaving mishaps above, plus, my skin is super dry so I need something that not only keeps me smooth, but irritation-free as well. I also always find that I go over those same stubborn patches over and over and I think I get rid of everything until I step out into the sun.

The Venus team wanted me to find the perfect match for my shaving needs so when I communicated these concerns to them, they quickly decided that the Venus Embrace Sensitive razor was the best option. There’s a touch of aloe in what they call the “Ribbon of Moisture” so I will feel less irritation once I step out into the sun. There are also 5 blades that are set very close together so it lessens the pressure of each blade resulting in smoother skin and enough contour so you don’t have to keep going over the same batch.

I found that the razor gave my legs a really close shave so I don’t even need the Satin Care shave gel but it’s good to keep around in case I have a day where I really want extra soft and smooth skin. If anyone has sensitive skin it really is a great option. I’ve been using their razors for a long time and this one is awesome and definitely beats having to steal my boyfriend’s razor to actually get a smooth, close shave!  (You can buy here if you so desire)

Here’s to a great summer!  PS how cute are these shower decorations that I found?  Who says an outside shower can't be decorated?!  Good Homegoods finds! x

xo, SG