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Ports 1961- Journey Through the Desert

Saucy Glossie

Ports 1961- Journey Through the Desert

Lindsey Calla

Dream wardrobe.

Photo from Fashion Chalet

Me and Erika from Fashion Chalet!

The day before the Ports 1961 show, I was invited into their showroom to preview the collection and see how everything was coming together.  The office was surprisingly calm despite it being 24 hours before a major show with a new designer in control.. However, their PR team told me that Fiona is a master editor.. She was able to narrow down the collection with little hesitation.  I can only imagine the emotional attachment you can have to all of the pieces that you design, but having the skill to edit down is essential.

I was also very lucky to receive a few pieces from them and a seat in the front row next to Erika! We had so much fun gabbing and sharing the excitement together.  As I was flipping through the racks from the Spring collection, I felt that I could see myself in every piece (especially some of the pieces that didn't even make the show!).  The pieces are sophisticated and elegant, but they still have that airy and fluid shape to them, which I love.

Also interesting to note that the collection is called "Essadi", which was the pseudonym used by the explorer Isabelle Eberhardt while journeying into Northern Africa in the 19th century.  You can see the influence of the desert in the color scheme and in the presence of crystals and other embellishments to mimic the beauty of natural minerals.

One of my favorite parts about fashion is the creative process.. I really enjoy learning about the inspirations behind some of the most beautiful pieces that end up on our backs.. or on a dream rack in our imaginary closet.

Many thanks to Ports 1961 for everything!