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Project Runway, Is That You?

Saucy Glossie

Project Runway, Is That You?

Lindsey Calla

Make it work?

Dear PR,

   What's going on with you this season?  Have the Lifetime movies seeped into your subconscious?  Can you not find a way to make it work anymore?  This season has been average at best.  

First, Michael Kors has been missing throughout most of the season, as has Nina Garcia, (even though I loved seeing Zoe Glassner make an appearance!).  And last night when they went to Rodeo drive to meet with a world-renowned designer, I thought it would be Donatella or Frida or someone new, fresh, and awe-aspiring.  I love Michael Kors, but he's a judge that we always see (sometimes).  

The challenge concept was fun. Who doesn't love to look to exotic locations to get inspired? However, the results of last night were less than impressive.  How hard is it to take a gorgeous, ancient place like Greece and run with it?  There are over 2,000 plus years of history and inspiration to go off of.  And how do you not know how to work with jersey or at least know enough about it to know it won't work for anything you trying to go for.

Nicolas' Greece inspired try Bravo Season 5  Korto's seatbelt coat

The old PR designers made better outfits out of old car parts then this season's cloth creations.  There is no "wow" factor.  It's almost like they are playing it safe to make it, but maybe that is partly due to the casting.  Lifetime used a different casting agency for this season than Bravo did, so maybe they were going for cute and marketable people rather than seasoned designers with real experience.    

Does anyone remember the show that Tommy Hilfiger hosted called "The Cut" where he sought out an apprentice for his label?  Well they did a Southwest challenge and actually flew to the destination and the clothes actually incorporated some of the actual Southwest feel.  They used vivid colors, turquoise (which Nina hinted at last night) and suede.  Where have we gone wrong here? 

Whatever the cause, I'm totally left uninspired.  Please listen to me, them, and them, and step it up a bit?  Thanks!