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Saucy Glossie


Lindsey Calla


Dress: Twelfth St by Cynthia Vincent, Bag & Earrings: Eddera, Shoes: Seychelles, Bracelet: Suzanna Dai

Whoa, color!  Yea, I know.  I gave in and color blocked.  I was out pulling clothes for some tv segments last week and am always looking for bright colors for camera so I decided to play around a bit with what I had.   Plus, according to Susan Miller, "some months are colored in shades of soft pastels and this is not one of them".  Awesome.  Apparently Saturn decided to make a big debut thus resetting relationships and forcing a re-focus on my life, my goals, and 'what I need from a close relationship'.  So, why not celebrate that doom and gloom with some color!  Wohoo!  I feel better already.

It's quite refreshing to wear color and I think when it comes to mixing bright colors you just need to make sure they all have a similar saturation of color.  And isn't this elephant bag just the cutest little thing you've ever seen?   It's suede, and pink, and has an ELEPHANT on it.  Amazing.  And apparently, male elephants spend all their time with their male counterparts (typical) until breeding where they become highly aggressive towards females (typical) then they ditch the female and retreat back to their bachelor herds.  Sounds vaguely familiar.