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Second Skin

Saucy Glossie

Second Skin

Lindsey Calla


Kaftan: Macy's, Turban: Forever 21, Bracelet: LOFT, Rings: Street vendor, Sunnies: Michael Kors, Bikini: L*Space

I always thought I was a total city girl through and through, but once I moved to Sydney for a few months I realized how much I love beach culture and the more relaxed dressing that comes with it.  There's less fuss involved, and you can still get a real effortless glamour without being city tailored.

I found this kaftan at Macy's for $15!  The way the light catches it in these pictures reminds me of when a snake sheds its skin and there's this clear film left over....a random inspiration but nonetheless still an inspiration.

My love of kaftans keeps growing and growing and I dream of owning a ton of Camilla kaftans, which could be the best in the world but are a little pricey.. You can find some great ones at  Lots of cool global glam pieces on that site..

I had an amazing birthday and just finished it off with a glass of sparkling Shiraz and about to curl up with my new book, "Guns, Germs, and Steel".   Bliss.