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Saucy Glossie


Lindsey Calla

Saucy Glossie Saucy Glossie

Trench: Burberry, Skirt: H&M, Shoes: Schutz, Jersey: Philadelphia Eagles (duh)

Wooo!  Fitness Friday!  If only I had one spare second to put my sneakers on and do something that was healthy this week!  I woke up today feeling like I did suicides across Manhattan in 4 inch heels with no gatorade.  BUT the silver lining to this crazy week is my new commercial that started airing with the NFL and Nike!  I'm a HUGE Eagles fan and a big sports fan in general so to have this opportunity was such a dream.  This commercial has such a bad-ass attitude to it and it presents women fans in a really strong and passionate way.  Fourty-five percent of football fans are WOMEN and it's not just men who can relate to a speech like this or wear a jersey in a cool way.  Back in my glory days I was captain of the field hockey and lacrosse teams and I loved finding inspiring quotes and speeches to get pumped up.  It's something I've taken into my career in fashion when I have a meeting or a presentation.  This blue trench is also my "Carrie" moment like when she walked the runway in a blue trench and jeweled underwear (thanks, Philip Bloch, for this amazing fashion moment).

One of the reasons they gave me this particular part of the speech was because everyone always sells "bloggers" short.  It's always "you can't do this" "y'all shouldn't do this" "you will never do this" so this commercial is for all of YOU who work hard every single day to create content, to work hard at your job or whatever goals you have in front of you.  Here's the full commercial that I found on YouTube.