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Saucy Glossie


Lindsey Calla


Hat: Urban Outfitters, Top: c/o Corey Lynn Calter, Pants: Banana Republic, Shoes: c/o Nine West, Necklace: c/o Saint Claude

I love being away.  Every time I go away something really exciting happens and I always feel so fresh and free.  We had such a blast this day in New Orleans.  We had the longest lunch ever at one of my favorite restaurants, Sylvain, where the bartender made us some of his secret speciality cocktails and we feasted on pickle plates and other southern delicacies.  We checked out some shows at NOLA fashion week and picked up some of these cute scarf necklaces at their pop-up shop.

I fell in love with this area of NOLA and wished that I could just sip a sazerac on a rocking chair on a porch and not wear a watch because time is unnecessary here.   The houses were like confections and my eyes had to literally adjust to all of the color because I haven't seen anything bright in the gross, grey Northeast.

I really had to stretch my suitcase wardrobe by this point.  I managed to find a way to travel with hats which is to stack them on top of each other so they stay molded.  I also carried them on instead of squishing them in my checked baggage.  Some people carry on their dogs and children, I carry on my hats.  Call me old-fashioned.