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Strong & Resilient

Saucy Glossie

Strong & Resilient

Lindsey Calla

Strong & Resilient

Lindsey Calla Happy Thursday! Just a quick note and pop of inspiration today.  In a few fall Conde magazines like Glamour and Lucky,  I was so proud to have worked on a campaign for Clear haircare spreading the message about being strong and resilient in every aspect of life from work to home to hair.  It was something that I felt really resonated with my messaging and knew that it would inspire and encourage women to embrace their strength and really shine.  When you're healthy, happy and strong you naturally shine and everything that starts from within radiates out.  Clear's message is all about focusing on the scalp in order to be strong from root to end and if your hair is healthy from the start then it will look incredibly shiny and stand up to whatever elements you face daily.

Lindsey Calla

There's also a really great video that goes along with the campaign.  You can view it here!

As always, thanks for your constant support and being a part (a big part!) of the journey.  I know some of you comment regularly and have been following since the beginning and it makes me so happy to hear from everyone and continue the conversation.  There will be a lot of changes coming up before 2015 and I'm excited to reveal more soon.  Hope you will continue to follow and grow along with me.  When I started my blog I was mid-twenties and inevitably people grow, change, and reprioritize.  I started all of this with an intention to give you something positive to take away, whether it was tips of shopping on a budget, workout secrets, or beauty ideas, and I think, in the blogging world as a whole, that a lot of that has been lost to the Look at Me! Look What I Have! Look Where I am!  so I always try to be mindful about giving something more tangible to take away.

Thanks again and enjoy the lovely fall day!

xo, SG