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Saucy Glossie

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Springy Step

Lindsey Calla


Dress: Cynthia Steffe, Jacket: Ports 1961, Tights: Club Monaco, Bag: Coach, Hat: Jessica Simpson Photos via Refinery 29

When I went in to preview the Cynthia Steffe collection Shaun thought I should wear this dress to the show because it was super bright and springy.  At the moment I had a whole stack of black things in my hands and quickly realized that no one knows better than the designer himself.  I have to admit that at first I didn't know which way to go with it.  Clearly I decided to pair it with black and let this pretty color really pop and then brought out the flowy bohemian vibe with a floppy hat.  I'm so glad I decided on it because color was in abundance all over the streets this fashion week and it was SO refreshing.

But let me say that I can't wait to throw on something bright yellow with this and bask in the warmth somewhere near a beach.  This season it is all about taking risks with color and I am up for the challenge.

It is supposed to be 70 degrees tomorrow so I'm getting far away from New York and fashion week and heading home to spend the day in Philadelphia tomorrow.  Can't wait!  And I will resume posting normal series of outfit pics this weekend.. The week was just too crazy to photograph a ton so sorry for the smaller pics. xx

Color Blocked

Lindsey Calla


Jacket: New York & Company, Shirt: Cynthia Steffe, Pants: Zara, Shoes: DSW, Necklace: Brook&Lyn

Today was so absolutely insane and I swear I want to just freeze my life at this moment and let it repeat over and over.  Many thanks to everyone who came to or watched the IFB panel today.  It was so great to meet a few readers and new friends and I loved being in a big room filled with tons of girls with big dreams and such passion and drive. Very inspiring.

I had to run out right after my panel to shoot a Gilt Groupe episode so I had to miss some of the festivities and also didn't get a chance to take a lot of pics.  Thankfully I had someone snap a quick pic of me on the Gilt set before I changed!

I did a shoot recently with Mimi from Brook & Lyn and fell in love with her amazing jewelry.  Many thanks to Mimi for letting me borrow ;-)  Her pieces are so original and are priced really well as well!  Perfection.

Caffeine Cartel

Lindsey Calla


Top: Tory Burch, Skirt: Cynthia Steffe, Belt: 3.1 Phillip Lim, Shoes: Zara, Ring: from the markets, Sunnies: Forever 21 Photos: Altamira

One day last week we took our vespa up to a coffee plantation and checked out the amazing views and rode around looking at coffee plants.  I would have never guessed coffee looked like a berry before it was roasted and grounded to what we recognize.  I can't explain how fresh the air is up in these mountains!  I miss it so much already as I'm laying here on my death bed with a bad flu.

I found this ring at one of the markets and it has a cool Mayan figure etched into it (hard to tell in the picture).  It's actually a men's ring and I can just picture someone from a cartel wearing it while doing shady business.  Finding jewelry treasures like this is one of my favorite parts about traveling.

I still have so many more pictures to share from the trip!  Thankfully I do because I have a feeling I will be down and out for a few more days trying to nurse this flu!

The Tourist

Lindsey Calla


Jacket: Meghan Fabulous via TJ Maxx, Shorts: Cynthia Steffe, Top: Myne, Shoes: Sam Edelman, Hat: Jessica Simpson, Sunnies: Michael Kors Photos: Altamira

Believe it or not I stumbled across this jacket in TJ Maxx on the clearance rack and I knew that it was made to be shot here.  It looks like something that I could have found at the markets.  I wanted to bring/shoot something that could mix in with the culture but was still contemporary and this couldn't have been more perfect.  Mixing it with a black and white graphic short keeps it up to date and adds a different level of visual interest.  Plus, I also love the long tassels and the jacket's overall shape.

These pictures were taken in an old Spanish colonial university and the last picture was taken in what's left of the Cathedral from the 16th century... A series of earthquakes brought it down to pieces and they just left the huge pillars in the middle of the structure and you can only get a sense of the size when I'm standing next to them.

Just got word that it's snowing at home.. There is a good chance that I might stay here and live in the mountains and make tortillas.  La vida sencilla.

Panza Verde

Lindsey Calla


Top: Tory Burch resort, Skirt: Cynthia Steffe, Earrings and bracelets:, Backpack: Tory Burch, Shoes: Zara Photos: Altamira

It's not often that you find a hotel that is so cozy and charming that you can't help but want to settle in, make it your own and never want to come home.  Panza Verde, in Antigua Guatemala, basically fits every single category on my dream list: recreated Spanish Colonial ambiance, private fireplaces, luxurious bathrooms adorned with medieval candelabras, and endless gardens and terraces topped off with charming cupolas.  After surveying the city it is definitely one of the best kept secrets in all of Antigua.

For a few days I was able to experience this boutique hotel firsthand and explore every charming corner and capture as much as I can on film to try to recreate the ambiance here for you.  There are a few more pictures that I will put up soon and believe it or not there are even more areas to this hotel that are equally stunning.

Pretty much every corner of Antigua begs for resort clothing and I leap at any chance to wear them especially in a warm city that makes you feel transported back in time.  Here, you walk around on cobblestone streets with 3 volcanos looming over you (one which was actually smoking) and you see crumbled Spanish architecture weathered from both time and a devastating earthquake.

I'm just hoping time slows down just a little more so I can delay going back to a grey and snowy New York!


Belle Curve

Lindsey Calla


Hat: Ted Baker, Top and Pants: Cynthia Steffe, Shoes: Jessica Simpson, Bag: Miu Miu, Earrings: Banana Republic Photos: Altamira

I love the Frick Museum and I also love the area and architecture surrounding it.  It is the perfect place to wear a sleek wide leg pant with some floaty chiffon.   I mistakenly listened to the weatherman about the temperature being in the late 60s so I went out without a jacket hoping that maybe it would feel like summer... I was so wrong.

My favorite part of this outfit is the way the top drapes especially in the sleeves.. It reminds me of architecture or the folds in an ancient statue's dress.  The fabric is so delicate and airy but can drape in a very sculptural way.

I also tested out a new hat silhouette and I feel like it kinda gives everything a London-town vibe.  I'm used to a really wide brim hat because I have a long face shape and that balances me out, but this will be a fun addition to play around with.

Wishing everyone a Happy Thanksgiving!  We are going out to dinner this year in NY which means I can't wear my sweatpants all day but I still may try to work in an elastic waistband in my outfit somehow.. That extra give is a must on Thanksgiving!

Smoke Noir

Lindsey Calla


Top: Charley 5.0, Skirt: Cynthia Steffe, Tights: J Crew, Shoes: Coach, Bag: c/o Coach, Parka, Cynthia Steffe Photos: Craig Arend

This time of year it feels like there is more darkness than daylight so we decided to play around with some night shots while back in my hometown for the weekend.  This outfit started out without the parka but it just got so ridiculously cold and I actually like the juxtaposition of the different textures.

I debated these shoes because the heel is so much lower than I'm used to, but I figured they would be a great alternative to flats when walking around the city.  Plus, they are a classic shape and animal print always stays chic... And a swiss dot tight or knee high could be one of my favorite fall accessories!

FNO + The Show

Lindsey Calla

This was such an exciting night for me!  I teamed up with Shaun Kearney from Cynthia Steffe to host their Fashion's Night Out event at Bloomingdale's Soho and it was so much fun!  It was great to see how customers responded to the set up and I actually had a girl ask for the coat right off my back!  It was also really cool to see how supportive Bloomingdale's was of the brand and it reminds me why it is so special to actually go into a store and buy an item in person.

Of course the team was not only handling their FNO but also casting and prepping for their show which was only 48 hours away!  The show itself was fresh, on-trend, vibrant, and there are so many pieces that I am already lusting after.

This is one of my favorite looks/shots from the show..It looks like she is in an airplane hanger waiting to jet off somewhere fabulous.

Some more shots:

Andre Leon Talley even came backstage to congratulate Shaun.. SO major! (and so deserved)

Give Me the Green Light

Lindsey Calla

Dress: Cynthia Steffe, Shoes: Aldo

These were taken on my last night in Miami and it's really hard to look at these pictures and not still want to be down there.  I think I was glowing all week on this trip which makes these pics pretty befitting.  But of course, real life stepped back in and dragged me back to the northeast which was cold and cloudy on arrival.... how perfect.

I stopped in to visit the Cynthia Steffe team before my trip and this dress screamed Miami-South Beach.  It has that surf-chic vibe that we saw go down the runways for Spring/Summer, which now seems like forever ago considering we are about to see Spring/Summer '11.

Speaking of Fashion Week, I will have some really cool announcements coming in the next few weeks.. I can't wait to share with y'all!

Change of a Dress

Lindsey Calla


‘We must always change, renew, rejuvenate ourselves; otherwise we harden.’

Vest and Skirt: Cynthia Steffe, Tights: American Apparel, Shoes: Aldo,

Notice that my blog got a new outfit?  So exciting!  I was dying to clean up my page and make things more organized and easier to navigate.  Hopefully with this new layout you won't be distracted anymore by too much clutter.  Ahh, yes change can be a good, good thing.

This was one of the outfits that didn't make the PS Magazine cut so I figured I'd still give it some blog love.  I'm partial to this outfit because I'm wearing a few pieces that Shaun Kearney designed for Cynthia Steffe.  I'm sure you've noticed my love for the line since 80 percent of my outfits are from them, but the girl fits me really well.  She's constantly changing and experimenting with different looks and inspiration, but still retains a sense of femininity.  They also have the best sample sales which is where I picked up both of these pieces!

Hope you like the new design!  There are still some fun things to be done so don't mind the subtle changes here and there.

Photo by Canna Sasa



Grey Matter

Lindsey Calla




I bought this dress in black at the Cynthia Steffe sample sale a few weeks back and I loved it so much that a few days later I snatched up the grey one as well on Gilt Groupe! Talk about workin the sample sales, but when you find something you really like you must stock up.
It's part kimono, part drape-a-licious, and has an elastic waistband, which all equal bliss in my mind. All in all it is one of my new go-to pieces.
I love pairing bright colors with grey because they feed off of each other really well...The grey tones down the bright shoe, but the shoe brightens up the dull grey.. When you are working with neons, grey is always a good color to mix in to tone things down and give something a sporty chic feel.
Somehow I managed to get the CV for Target wedges in both black and this yellow color and I still can't believe they were only $30! This is one of the best Target collaborations thus far because it really looks like the higher priced designer item.
I'm super exhausted from doing a segment this morning really early so I need to catch some rest!


Girly Goth

Lindsey Calla





I'm so not edgy. In fact, I'm completely polar opposite to anything goth or vampire chic. I know that look is really in right now, but this is about as edgy as it gets for me. I sort of went for corpse bride, but I feel like this looks more like a screenshot from an old Sicilian Dolce and Gabbana-esque movie.
This is one of my favorite shoots because that fear in my eyes in the last image is actually real.. we kept hearing weird sounds while we were shooting at an abandoned building.
This velvet and leather Cynthia Steffe dress is from their sample sale last week. It was $20. I am such a Cynthia Steffe girl. Even when I try some edge, I still retain some femininity so I pretty much stock up on a new wardrobe each sample sale they have because I can't get enough.
I've shopped many sample sales in my day so here are some tips:
1. Go knowing what you need and want in your wardrobe. It is a great time to stock up on some things that you've always wanted, but never actually buy
2. Wear a pair of underwear that you don't mind other people seeing. You should try things on since sample sizes vary and there are never changing rooms
3. Grab it even if you are indecisive. You can always subtract and chances are that item that you sorta loved will be gone if you leave it
4. Don't worry about finding the perfect fit. Because you are spending less on the item, you can spend more to get it tailored to fit your body
Happy deal hunting!


Flower Child and Rock Goddess

Lindsey Calla

red 2-text
red rock
It's amazing what a scenery change can do for the photos! The background and natural landscape almost seems fake because it is so perfect and beautiful. The crazy part is that it was partly cloudy yesterday and locals were complaining about how bad the weather was! Even a bad day in Sydney is a good day.
Sassi Sam took my pics again yesterday down on the rocks at Coogee Beach. We had such a blast until we got caught in a massive rain shower.
High waisted shorts are just begging for a cute bralette top. I still need to find one that matches these shorts, but for the now the black will do because it has a retro feel to it.
In the airport waiting for my flight to Melbourne. I'm attending the Governor's Ball tonight! The theme is Winter Wonderland (err, enough with winter!) and I'll be able to meet tons of Aussie designers and Editors. Can't wait to post on it!