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Saucy Glossie

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Earth Day Exclusive Interview with Loomstate

Lindsey Calla

Last week, I had the chance to sit down with Scott Mackinlay Hahn, one half of the design duo behind the eco clothing line, Loomstate. I really looked forward to chatting with him not only because he is insanely gorgeous, but because he has a deep passion for bringing awareness to some of the problems that face sustainability.

Since it is Earth Day, I must be completely transparent: I found this interview to be one of the most challenging ones that I have done so far. When I sat down to think up my questions, I realized just how uneducated I was on sustainable fabric or "green fashion" as some would call it. I also realized that I am not alone in the confusion surrounding good sustainable practices, and that is one of the biggest road blocks in making eco-friendly fashion the standard instead of just a passing trend.

I did video the interview, but unfortunately it was too dark at the event for the picture to show clearly. However, I do hope that you take a few minutes today to read the transcript of this interview.

Happy Earth Day! Thank you for joining me for this interview. Could you explain how important it is to have organic fabrics and the process behind producing them?

First, organic is a tricky word, so is sustainability, so there is a lot of information that needs to be brought to the surface here. Fundamentally, the fiber origin is usually agriculture, if it's natural fiber. So you look at the farming process: are they using gmoc, synthetic fertilizers, pesticides in the cultivation of primarily cotton.. This is all about soil fertility. You're talking about preserving the ability to grow things and to have food and fiber and crop rotation going forward not just for our generation but for future generations. You don’t realize the demands that our society is putting on soil. So by paying attention to that, you start looking at ways to balance it out and there are a lot of ways around poisoning the soil.

Then you look at synthetic fiber and trying to avoid fossil fuels and petroleum based fibers. Looking at how to use recycled concepts, and a lot of the stuff that’s going on with the nylons, and rayons, it's about waste and what chemicals are off gasing. You kind of, from a production standpoint, you get real educated about this and you hold the suppliers accountable. You want to know content, you ask about the footprint. And slowly as it moves up the chain to the market, you want to communicate as simply to the customer as you can to educate them. The big idea is traceability and transparency so that customers, merchants, and production managers at fashion companies can be informed in their purchases.

How important is it for the government to get involved to help regulate or invest in textile development?

Policy is an important step in regulating progressions in the market. With free market concepts, unfortunately, we are a rational but self-interested species so a company has the ability to marginalize the people they are selling to for more profit...somehow that always happens. That’s where the policy and regulation comes in and without it, things get a little crazy. You’ve heard common pool resource dilemmas where u have a certain amount of land where herdsmen are grazing their cows and sheep and if they’re all left to eat as much and add more sheep and add more sheep for more profit, eventually there’s no more grass. You need rules in place so that various herdsmen can share that common resource. That concept is where rules and laws come in so everyone knows how to play. So yea, that’s a long answer, but policy is a big part of what we are doing.

It's all about responsibility. It's about feeling gratified about what you are putting in your closet and your body. It’s all connectied and that’s the big idea at Loomstate. It's trying to show people that from the farm all the way to the kitchen table and your wardrobe, that it's all connected. It also has the ability to be designed in a way that is pretty special and sexy.

A lot of people think that going green means things will be more expensive. Is that the case?

In some cases it can be a little bit more expensive to produce because of the supply and demand or the ability of resources. It does sometimes cost factories more to retool and bring a cleaner product to the market. Once the tipping point occurs and the majority of America wants this stuff because it matters to them or it's an important value to the family or to college kids, we will see change a lot faster. Eventually it wont be about green fashion, that will be the price of entry. Green fashion is a way to think of it , but for us it is good design.

Scott Mackinlay Hahn, Rogan Gregory

For more about Rogan and Scott's line, Loomstate, go to

They also are having a sale on Gilt Groupe today for Earth Day! Here is an exclusive invite code for you! INVITE CODE

Stay Green,


Lui Hon Loves Wool

Lindsey Calla

This is one of my favorite video interviews that I did during the Woolmark awards. Lui was on Project Runway Australia and has an amazing Helmut Lang-esque line. His character was really popular on PR and right at about the 35 second mark and on you can see why! He is full of energy and has an infectious personality.

This was such a fun night... The end of this video always makes me laugh.. Love it


Dion Lee Wins Woolmark Award

Lindsey Calla

The handsome, poised, and incredibly talented Dion Lee won the 2010 Woolmark Designer Award presented by Vogue Australia at LMFF last night.

In addition to the $10,000, sponsorships, and sponsored overseas trips, Dion will also have the opportunity to represent Australia in a global Woolmark design competition. There will be emerging designers picked from almost every major fashion capital including New York, Shanghai, Paris, Milan, and Tokyo.
I really hope this award and the global competition raises Dion's global recognition because he truly is an amazing technically apt designer who is forward thinking and conceptual. He is also very well-spoken and articulate, which you can see in my video interview below. I had a chance to speak with him seconds after he got his award:
I fully admit that I have a major crush on him. Keep a very sharp eye out for Dion Lee. He seems to have everything it takes to leave his mark on the industry.
More video of the other contestants to come!

Cynthia Steffe- It's all in the details

Lindsey Calla

Being able to be backstage really changed my whole outlook on viewing a runway collection. It's really hard to attend a show and notice all of the details that make a garment unique. The models strut down the runway so fast and the celebrities in the front row are gawked at more than the collection itself. There can be so many distracting elements that you never really notice the tiny details that designers spend hours perfecting. When I chatted backstage with Cynthia Steffe's Creative Director, Shaun Kearney, I realized that the excitement lies within these tiny details and they really pull the collection and his inspiration together.
What inspired you to combine military and romantic. They seem to be quite opposite.
It all started when I was hanging out in Brooklyn. I saw this group of boys and girls hanging out and the guys had traditional dapper styles with crisp boy shirts, slouchy boy pants, and military boots. Girls had military jackets, romantic blouses, capes, socks and mary janes and for some reason they all looked so good together. They looked like they were all in cool school uniforms. That was the starting point. It reminded me of a hint of Sloane Street boys and Queens Road girls. Nothing too literal just hints of that late 60s.
Seems like you love getting inspired by historical time periods. Do you have a favorite?
I always love Victorian and Edwardian. Sounds cliche but when i think of eras I think of the late 60s early 70s where there were a lot of victorian influences in the clothes. You get much more of a cooler romantic vibe from that particular era. However, I prefer not to go too costumey though.
Your collection touches on a lot of different you feel like the Cynthia Steffe girl likes to switch it up?
That's the way girls dress today. It is much more about a modern mix up sensibility than head to toe dressing. If it is head to toe, then it is unexpected pairings.
Do you have any pre-fashion week rituals?
I don't think I'm ever prepared! You just gotta roll with it. Once you've got your vision and concept together it's almost like it's too late to go back. So try to really stay focused and stay true to your customer and your girl and your brand. I like to mix a lot of different emotion in the collection.. feminine, pretty, edgy..If something doesn't have that emotion then it shouldn't be there.
Thanks to Shaun for taking a few minutes to speak with me!
I thought it would be a good change of pace to not just show a few slides of what went down the runway, but to show the garments up close so we can appreciate them for what they really are. Hope you enjoy the images. All photos were taken by me and I'm quite proud of how well the details showed up! Cheers for the Canon Rebel!

This utilitarian fox fur hooded jacket was Shaun's favorite look and not coincidentally, the opening look.

You can see some of the Victorian detailing in the sleeve that just barely peeked out of the jacket.

The Bumble & Bumble Stylists used clip on bangs for some of the models! So chic and they looked absolutely seamless. I will absolutely be trying this beauty trend out because I wouldn't dare try the real thing.

My absolute favorite piece in the whole collection was this faux fur jacket. I could just see myself wearing it day in and day out for years until I'm strolling through my own grey garden, 70 years old, like Edie Bouvier Beale.
The collection touched on so many cute elements: school girls with knee socks, 60's pleated minis, utilitarian sexy. I guarantee you will love it! To see the full collection check out

A Moment with Parameter, Sine, and Laila

Lindsey Calla


I only spent about 4 months in Sydney, but somehow the Aussie connection and sensibility follows me everywhere, which I happily invite into my life since Aussies have such an enthusiasm for success, creativity, and happiness. Aussie girl Micaela Ezra, the designer for three, yes three, fashion lines (Sine, Parameter, and Laila) exuded that exact sensibility yesterday when I met with her to discuss the new Spring/Summer collections. She and Maytal Sharifi, the owner of the three lines and the brains behind their business and marketing, sat down with me to chat about what makes their lines stand out in a very crowded and sometimes over-priced market.

First lets start with the basics: What are the differences between their three lines?
Parameter: the lower priced line composed of tons of jersey and lots of easy to wear garments all under $110.
Sine: the more trend driven and fashion forward line which holds a price point of around $120-$265 and is my personal favorite.
Laila is the evening wear/cocktail version of the two above. There is no elaborate beadwork, but more flirty prints and flowy shapes with a fantastic price of under $500. Perfect for anything from parties to weddings (in fact, the dresses are so cute that girls have been clammering to order them for bridesmaids dresses)
Each line reflects the duo's personalities and they swear they wouldn't put anything out on the sales floor without wanting to wear it themselves. What a great way to edit down a collection considering these two girls are both super young (28 years old) and uber glamourous, flirty, and fun. They rely on the philosophy that their company exists to give a gift to someone who purchases their clothing. Their clothes are meant to put the customer in a positive frame of mind when they walk out the door and set the tone for their day, allowing them to enter into their own sphere and feel the spirit of the garment.
You can see Micaela's Aussie roots shine through in each collection. Years spent scouring vintage markets at Bondi Beach and Paddington and the Aussie sense of easy, breezy clothing have influenced her choices of whimsical prints and perfectly picked color. She sums up her designs nicely by saying, "Slip it on, zip it up, and you just feel like a goddess".
Check out the video below to see Micaela walk me through Sine's Summer collection! Confession: the beginning is a bit wobbly so my apologies. I think I can rule out being a surgeon as a career path, but you do get a great sense of how cute the line is. You also hear me say "oh that's cute!" like 1200 times.

Untitled from Lindsey Calla on Vimeo.

Check out the lines at Bloomingdales and Anthropologie!

For more info:


A Moment with Jewelry Designer Sarah Davida

Lindsey Calla


I love serendipitous moments; happy accidents which lead to a perfect realization that you should be doing something or you need something in your life. Sometimes it's love or a person, but in Sarah Davida's case, it was rings. Sarah's rings are meant to fill that upper part of your finger that has been long neglected, adding a whole way to accessorize our pretty little hands that we spend countless hours manicuring and polishing. I was lucky enough to chat with Sarah about how she came across this brilliant and stylish idea.

When did your love of jewelry begin?

It started when I was young. I think it was inherited from my mother. She used to make jewelry herself but was also a pack rat when it came to collecting. She never threw anything out and I found a 30lb bag the other day with all kinds of jewelry. It's now scattered all over my bedroom floor right now waiting to be organized LOL.

How did you come up with the idea to wear/design rings for the upper part of your finger?

I did it by accident. I would wear rings that were too small on the upper part of my finger when I was younger... then when I was in a metalsmithing class freshman year of college, I had some scrap pieces of silver and decided to stamp my name on one (sarah davida) and my mom's name on the other (rosalie love) and wore them everyday after that.
What inspires you as a designer (art, fashion, music..?)
A lot of my work is usually based on things I have a personal connection with. My mother was a very talented painter/artist and passed away when I was 14. She used to design rock posters and ads while my Dad did a lot of work (and still does) with radio and concert promoting in my area. Because of them, I'm inspired a lot by music (which I have a current job with in the city), but I also find inspiration in other things like Mom's paintings and posters.
Is it true that the Olsen twins have been wearing your rings?
Haha, ah man, there was a mix up with that. I was compared in a blog to having rings and a trend similar to what the Olsens wear. They haven't personally ordered from me, but hopefully soon!
I see you have a blog (yay!). How have social media and online marketing helped your brand? Are you also trying to target print media as well?
Social media and online marketing have helped tremendously. My target market falls between 15-25 and who in that age range doesn't go on Facebook, Twitter, or Blogs regularly? My brother does a lot with online marketing and he helps me put everything together with Google adwords, analytics, Facebook ads, etc. I will eventually target print media as well, but I am slowly working my way to that point :)
What are your goals for the collection? Any expansions or collaborations coming up?
I'm planning on releasing a different style of the ring (skinny bands) and will be releasing other pieces (bracelets/pendants) as well. A couple months ago, I stated commuting to my part time job in the city which put some delay in my work, but I'm planning on having new pieces by Spring!
Where can everyone buy your jewelry?
I currently only sell on my website ( and a couple of little stores. I have some pieces at JMichael Shoes in Syracuse, N.Y. and Mariannes Floral Garden in Poughkeepsie, NY.
**You can have the rings customized and personally engraved to your liking! Makes a great Valentine's Day gift. *AHEM, boys*


A Moment with Designer Andy Thê-Anh

Lindsey Calla

With the Vancouver Olympics just around the corner, there is tons of buzz surrounding our neighbor to the North. So I thought, how fun would it be to profile one of Canada's hottest designers, Andy Thê-Anh?
Andy and I met up at the Soho House last week for some coffee to chat about his Spring collection and ultimately ended up getting on the course of social media, a new generation of customers, and the importance of the color blue.
The Vietnamese born designer launched his collection in 2006 to bridge a gap in dressing professional women who want to look polished for their job as say, a lawyer, but still look interesting and trendy. In fact, his pieces have succeeded in making professional women feel so confident that some call his pieces "their lucky charms" after scoring jobs while wearing one of his modern suits and blouses to the interviews.
Andy prides himself on having a great following of women who loyally show up on the shop doorstep every season waiting for the newest pieces to hit and then actually pay full price for them. He takes pride in providing those customers with something unique and individual.
You can see Andy's passion (and a bit of frustration) for making quality garments and hoping that the new generation can appreciate them. Andy fears that the fashion industry will suffer the same fate as the music industry. Who buys a cd anymore? And who actually purchases the whole album from iTunes? Most people either steal music or just download one song and lose the appreciation of actually having that tangible piece of work. Same goes for fashion.
The recession has changed the shopping mentality of many who now will wait until their favorite higher priced item goes on sale rather than invest in a well-made garment (guilty as charged). He even fears that he won't be able to find the same caliber of seamstresses and pattern makers because design schools would rather sell the dream of being the next Tom Ford than show students the value of the technical skill that is the foundation of a great collection.
I can't really blame him for his frustration. It's tough out there for designers. Investors are nervous and the new generation just wants disposable fashion. They can't understand why an expensive cashmere is better than a 5 % cashmere wool blend.
The exciting upside to this is that designers are forced to re-think their strategy. Andy recalled that he used to use forecasting books to predict the next trends. Now, he looks online at streetstyle blogs. However, when I asked him if he Tweets, he shook his head and said that he just doesn't know how he would use it to his advantage. Baby steps.
You can tell that Andy puts a lot of analytical thought into every aspect of his brand. Take his

Spring collection for example. Andy examined historian Michel Pastoureau's Blue: The History of Color to fuel his inspiration. The book focuses on the importance of blue throughout history and why it is considered one of the most popular colors. According to the book, the color reflects strength, triumph, romance, and unity, which are all adjectives that could describe Andy's line. Thus, the presence of sky blue colors and turquoise are worked into a modern structured silhouette. Structure is a strong point for Andy, but this Spring he has worked jersey into the mix to marry structure and comfort.
Andy sells in the U.S. at Neiman Marcus online and various boutiques around the country. For points of sale in your area check his website at Below are some looks from his Spring collection!



Tea Time with the Falls

Lindsey Calla


I recently had the opportunity to spend a little time with the designers from one of my favorite lines, Falls. I love when I get the opportunity to sit down with designers because they hold so much creative knowledge. They are constantly searching and traveling for unique inspiration and I feel like a giant sponge trying to soak up everything that they've seen.
Philip Leeming and Leong Ong, the designers behind the line, have managed to incorporate all of their passions and experiences into something beautifully tangible. Their collection does not just fill the gap of what buyers expect or what trends are hot this season, but they satisfy their customer with beautiful knits, original prints, and feminine details.
The constant source of inspiration for Philip and Leong is their country retreat in High Falls, NY. Philip told me that they have a 1500 square foot stable that they converted into a studio. Nature nurtures their creativity and they come into the city only when necessary. Lucky boys!
We chatted over an amazing green tea blend and cookies and chatted about movies, museums, and social media (which I can happily report that the guys are totally into). None of us had yet seen The September Issue, which is almost a crime considering we all actually work in the industry, and they had just gotten back from a trip to Chicago and raved about the museum there and the Caravaggio pieces that they had seen.
After a few minutes of chatting, they showed me some of the pieces from their holiday line. I instantly found multiple pieces that were missing in my own wardrobe and the pieces did not scream 'holiday' (meaning the whole collection wasn't just jewel toned and velvet). There were brights and abstract floral/animal prints mixed in with sweaters that had amazing details. They were all pieces I could see myself wearing year round which basically flicks on a mental switch in my head saying "buy, buy, buy".

Leong created this overlapped animal print in the spirit of the book, The Pioneers, which they both felt emulated the struggle that we are finding today in pushing forward through the recession. Other influences in this collection were Photographer Lee Miller and artist Sara Moon.
The line is at a great price point and Philip made sure to enforce that they design clothes that aren't so aspirational that they become unwearable. They stay very in touch with their customers through pop up shops and plenty of trunk shows and keep the silhouettes attractive and attainable.
Here is a full look at their holiday collection:
To see more of their designs, check out their site:


Designer Glossier- Strummer

Lindsey Calla


Especially now that the weather has turned and New York is cluttered with pushy tourists and shoppers, I dream of strolling around Byron Bay wearing something flowy and free and taking in nothing but the serene nature.  And of course, if I did, I would immediately reach for Aussie line, Strummer.  Their clothes are clothes you want to live in. Charmingly sweet and refreshingly spirited, they capture the Aussie mentality and lifestyle, yet I can still see them popping up on a style blogger at a Stockholm street cafe.  

I had a chance to chat with the Aussie design duo, Edwina Hagon and Gina Cole, about their Spring '09/'10 collection, which has already been causing major media buzz among the likes of Teen Vogue and Refinery 29. You better take notes on this one.  This is what you will be dying to wear come Spring.

Can you give me a quick background for each of you? How did you both find each other and do you find both of your styles and tastes are similar?  Or do you both bring something different to the line?

I, Edwina, Started out studying business at UTS.  I always had a strong pull towards fashion, so after traveling, I returned to Sydney to study fashion design at TAFE.  I chose to complete the Certificate in Fashion Design, which is a one year course, as I was keen to get out there and get experience in the industry.  I then worked at an established Sydney label for a year and a half and afterwards got involved in styling.  This was great as I was able to work on shoots and learn at the same time, the ins and outs of the styling world.

I, Gina, from a young age have always had a strong interest in design and fashion. I started sewing and pattern making from a very young age. With strong roots from my grandmas strong sewing background who made everything from wedding dresses to christening gowns. I Started working in the industry straight after high school.  After a few years working I then decided it was time to confirm my skills by studying fashion design at East Sydney, then went on to study advance pattern making at Ultimo Tafe. I have worked for a couple of prominent Australian designers as a design assistant and then onto production co-ordinator.  

We met in 2007 working at a well-established Sydney label and became friends straight away.

Both of our styles and tastes are definitely similar which allows for synergy in design.  As much as there are similarities there are still different aspects that we each bring to Strummer.  When designing it is great that we butt heads sometimes as we then put more time into re looking at the designs and re working them till we are both happy.  


How would you define the line? Who is the girl you design for?

Our SS 10 collection The Howling Sun contains natural fabrics, crochet & lace pieces and free-flowing baby-doll dresses which embodies the kind of unconstrained independence of spirit that we believe Strummer is.

The Strummer girl is curious in her surroundings; she is globalised, interested in culture, subtle but sharp and will find her foot tapping on many occasions to the good tunes playing.  


How did you decide on the name Strummer?

We had actually started designing before we came up with the name.  We thought it was best to have the baby and then name it (so to speak).  After seeing some of our designs come to life we decided on the name Strummer as we liked the way it sounded and the images and feel that was evoked when we said the word.   


From what I've read on Side Street Sydney, your line seems to be free of trend following.. So how much do you follow trends when designing?

We are always aware of the new collections and what other designers are doing as it is really interesting and keeps us inspired.  I guess that being aware means that we are amongst it all,  and the trends that are around would filter in to an extent.  We don’t actively follow trends though- really we design what we would like to wear and see others wearing.  


What/who inspires both of you?

Each collection is influenced/inspired by a number of aspects, some of which are recurring; like our favourite musicians of all time, the style of the late 60s/early 70s and freedom.    We love hearing new music, exploring new happenings in art and culture around Australia and the world.  We are inspired by people who have a strong vision and drive, who get out there and express themselves and their passions for the world to see.  


Your line seems to be thriving despite a global recession.. How have you handled launching a line in this climate?

We don’t really know any different having launched during this time- which is good as we are really happy with the way that everything is going so far.  If anything, it has meant that we can grow steadily and keep a good handle on Strummer.


Do you both follow style blogs? Do they help influence your designs at all?

We definitely look at blogs.   Sometimes they take you on such a great journey whereby you look at one blog and then link on to another and anoth er.... until you realise it is lunch time and you’ve got no work done yet..... We love watching the street styles from around the world.  Blogging defiantly feeds the mind and when you see something you like, it stores in your memory bank which may pop up again subconsciously when designing.



Has the explosion of style blogs changed the way you view press?  Meaning do you value blogs and print exposure the same?

Definitely!  We were blogged about before we got in the mags.  We had a write up on Refinery 29 in Ny earlier in the year and started getting emails from all around the world- blogs have the most amazing ability to reach such a broad audience on such a large scale and impact amoung all the different communities.  There is still something special about print and seeing our garments in a magazine.  But we also love blogs for the accessibility and creativity- there are so many creatives out there and blogs allow for another outlet which is really exciting! Blogging has united the world and made it such smaller place, one second I could be in New York amongst the cool kids queing out the front of the parades and the next second I’m in Paris....


Are you selling anywhere in the States?

Not yet- we have had interest though from some fantastic stores and will be showing our next collection over there.... so we will keep you posted.  


What are your goals for Strummer?  Maybe New York Fashion Week in your future? :)

NY!!!!  : )  of course!  We will dream it till we do it!

Other goals- just to keep being inspired and creating garments that we love and others love too.  We would love to have our own store. To keep expanding for all the right reasons.  


What other designers do you both admire?  

Karen Walker, Isabelle Marant, Dries Van Noten, Peter Jensen... Too many! So many! Opening Ceremony...


What are some of your favorite places to shop and hang out in Sydney?

Paddington for the new stuff and checking out lots of great Aussie Designers.  Surry hills for Vintage as well as the Surry Hills Market once a month is the best!  Hanging out would be Bronte for a swim and breakfast, Surry hills for beers and dinner. And last but not least the Northern Beaches to get back to nature at it’s best.

Can't wait until I can get my hands on some of their pieces!  Will keep you all posted on where and when you can buy their collection here in the States.

Thanks to Seema for coordinating the interview.  Check out her blog



All the Looks

Lindsey Calla

Finding a good dress is like trying to find a good boyfriend.  You try them all on for size, you may try to alter them to fit your needs, and sometimes they hug your curves, and sometimes they make you feel incomplete and insecure.  And most of the time, you just aren't looking in the right place.  

Enter David Meister.  His dresses have fit all types of celebrities and body types making them feel completely confident and gorgeous, just a like a good boyfriend, err, designer should.  

Tuesday night, I had the pleasure of joining David Meister, Lifetime, and a few other top bloggers in an intimate gathering on his Spring collection and a look back on some of David's hottest red carpet moments.  And who knows more about the red carpet than Lifetime's newest site, All the Looks, which is practically mecca for celebrity style fans.

Champagne and Vosges chocolates flowed as we all cooed over David's brightly colored and beautifully proportioned dresses as he answered some of our burning questions about finding the right dress.  

On the process of dressing celebs for the red carpet:
"It's all about adapting and working with what they are comfortable in and what works for them.  Sometimes they swear they don't look good in a halter then they try it and it works. It's fun to get them to step out of that and try something new."

On how he manages to make every woman look so amazing:
"It's not about size or age, it's about what style works well on your body.  It comes back to stretch.  Things with stretch just fit and move so much better on different body types."

On his spring collection:

"For day we are usually all about structure.  Strong silhouettes, a lot of color, but again, not a lot of detail.  I think women, especially now , they want pieces to be special and timeless.  We did a lot of primary colors for spring.  For evening and cocktail, it's a little more specific, when you are looking for a more specific dress.  We worked with chiffons and still a lot of draping and twisting and one shoulder is still huge"

 Things every woman should have in her closet:
"A great black jersey dress, a simple dress with color (depending on your skin tone), and a great ball gown!  You never know when you're going to need a ball gown!  And a great cocktail dress that you know you feel good in."  

On the explosion of blogging:

"Information is so fast now and fashion is a very fast paced business.  It all works together hand in hand.  It's the next phase."

Some of David's favorite red carpet dresses were also at the event.  My fave was the Sharon Stone liquid metallic gown.  So Studio 54!

Make sure you check out Lifetime's site, All the Looks, for more red carpet moments from David Meister and other designers!  You can search for pretty much any look that has ever had a red carpet moment, even down to the hairstyle! 

For more on David Meister:



Julie Haus Spring '10

Lindsey Calla


You can pretty much guarantee that anything styled by Kate Lanphear will be amazing.  So in preperation for Julie Haus' show last night at her pop up store in Soho, I already knew I would love it.   Julie brought on the Elle Style Director (and style icon) to style her Spring '10 show.  Julie's pieces were already on my love list, but with an edgy twist from Kate, it gave them a new perspective.   I had the privilege to go backstage to watch Kate work her styling magic before the show.  Here's a peek of the styling notes for some of the looks. 

Inspired by the troubled life of Charlie Chaplin, the creativity and spirit in overcoming hardships (how recession appropriate) was the fuel that drove the core of the collection.  Models had chipped dark nail polish (purposely chipped by manicurists) and slept in hair while they bounced down the runway.  But there was an element of happiness in the edged out looks.  My favorite was a cute printed skirt with bloomers peeking out of the bottom and a really cool textured graffiti print.  I also chatted with Julie after the show about her collection and future plans:
How did you and Kate decide to work together on the show this season?
I met Kate a few years ago on a quick editor appointment and we hit it off.  She has such strong work ethic and a great sense of style herself.  Her own style is very much her.  Very edgy and punk feel but she is able to look at something and make if fresh and edgy and quirky in a way that reads feminine and cool.  
Did she influence this collection at all?
She always does! Just hanging out with her is influential.  She can just wake up with no make up, brush her hair over, and look great.
Any exciting expansion news?
The pop up store was our first step into retail.  We plan to do it again next season before we find a permanent home in the fall.  We are ready to venture back into accessories as well.
What is your favorite thing about fashion week?
Well tonight i have about 20 friends that flew over from Texas and for me, they come in and we get to go out after and its amazing.  Also the energy.. I mean you feel it starting today in the garment center.  I love the energy.  Last season was more somber and now everyone is ready to get back into it.
Well said Julie.  After last night's Fashion's Night Out and a kick ass show, no one would disagree with that!



Designer Glossier- Zimmermann

Lindsey Calla


Aussie girls have it all.  Beautiful beaches, beautiful people, great tans, and Zimmermann,  a line so fantastic that you instantly feel stylish whether you're in their swimsuits or harem pants.   Sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann have practically perfected beachwear to city wear to party wear clothing.  And how couldn't they?  Working all day in Surrey Hills, grabbing a flat white in Potts Point, then off to party on the rooftop of The Swiss Grand on Bondi beach.  Translation: Working in Soho all day, grabbing a coffee in the Village, then jetting out to the Hamptons.... A Zimmermann piece can take you seamlessly to them all.  Lucky for us, the girls are looking to expand more in the States, which could be the best overseas invasion since Topshop.  I had a chance to chat with Nicky before her Resort preview on the Empire Roof Hotel to get the gloss on the collection.

What was your inspiration for the Resort line?
We are always inspired by print and color when designing the collections, especially the swim collection.  All the groupings within the swim collection really portray the different moods of the Zimmermann girl.
Where do you see the Zimmerman girl vacationing come resort time?
The Australian Zimmermann girl travels to Bali or Bondi.  The U.S. Zimmermann girl goes to Miami or Cabo.
What are your personal favorite destination spots?
In Australia, I love Tamarama Beach, and I love traveling to Bali and Greece.
Tamarama Beach, also known as "Glamarama"
How are American girls different than Sydney girls when it comes to style?  Do you find that they wear your clothes differently?
I actually think American girls and Sydney girls are very similar infact- particularly here in New York-their style resonates the same way as a Sydney/Melbourne girl.
 I lived on Bondi Beach above Speedos for 3 months and it was amazing!  I always felt that your clothes could take me from the beach to the CBD (like my aussie lingo?) without looking out of place.  How do you find that balance when designing, if you agree?
I 100% agree- balance is definitely what we're about. Our swimwear collection is more about fashion, not about traditional beachwear.  It is all about the clothes you can wear to a fabulous party.
What is your favorite shopping destination when you come to New York?
The first thing I do when I get to New York is head to Barneys- their assortment really sets the tone for me.  Then from there I hit Meatpacking, Soho, West Village, and Nolita.  There are so many amazing neighborhoods!
Do you see the line expanding into more stores in the US soon?
Absolutely!  Ideally, we want to have our own retail stores here to begin to mimic the retail structure we have in Australia.  We have 13 stores throughout the country there!
What are your must have items for the beach?
A Zimmermann one piece and stud bag, Invisible Zinc sunscreen, a great hat, and a good book are essential
A peek at the goody bags, which included Invisible Zink and a good book!
Can you describe your personal styles?  How do you differ from one another?
We are definitely different.  Simone is a bit more classic and I'm a little more adventurous
For more info on where to buy Zimmermann click HERE!  And thanks to Arielle and the rest of the gals at Keri Levitt Communications for a great event!
I also found a style buddy last night at the event.  Laurel Pinson, Fashion Editor of The Thread, and I both in white blazers, bandage pieces, and lace up nude shoes!

Designer Glossier-Monica Wise of L*Space Swim

Lindsey Calla


With Miami Swim Fashion Week kicking off this week and summer in high gear, there is no better time to talk swimsuits.  And any girl knows that shopping for a swimsuit is like getting your fat circled during a sorority initiation (yes, that actually happens).  It can be traumatizing, depressing, and all around mean.  Unless of course, you happen to be lucky like I was, to find a suit that fits so well you actually look forward to wearing it.  The minute I stepped into the L*Space D-ring bottom, I knew I had found the one.  Monica Wise, designer of L*Space, knows exactly what it takes to instill that confidence.  

Monica will be presenting her new 2010 line on a huge platform this week.  She has been given the prestigious Mercedes-Benz Presents Designer award which supports designers that use quality materials and innovative designs.  And if that wasn't enough to warrant such an award, L*Space has also teamed up with OmniPeace for a capsule collection in which a percentage of the profits will go towards fighting poverty and promoting human rights in Africa.  
A few days before her runway show at the Raleigh, Monica gives us the gloss on her new line and spills some secrets to looking fierce in a swimsuit.
Who is the L*Space girl?  Do you design for a specific girl in mind?
The L*Space girl is fun, energetic, and sexy at the same time.  A girl that is naturally beautiful inside and out and is confident and doesn't take herself too seriously is the type of girl I design for.

What can we expect to see out of your 2010 collection?  What was the inspiration?
This season I pull from a lot of different inspirations.  Mainly, my inspiration comes from jewelry which is seen in the hardware I use and the suit is built around that.  In my OmniPeace collection, the inspiration stems from the African Shores and desert villages.  Every season I incorporate new suit styles.  We try to do something new every year to keep it interesting.  We included sexy Brazilian fit bottoms this year, and an updated version of our best seller "sexy back" halter.

How did you hook up with OmniPeace?  What was it about the cause that captured your attention?
I was approached by the foundation a while back and I have always admired what the foundation stood for.  I definitely thought it would be something that I would want to be a part of if given the chance.  The fact that they raise so much awareness for those impoverished parts of Africa and the fact that I could help in their efforts was a no-brainer for me in terms of partnering up.

 A suit from her OmniPeace collection
What trends do you think will be next in 2010 for swimsuits?
I think 80's inspired prints are going to be huge and mixing and matching solids
 with prints never goes out of style.
Your suits fit so well!  What do you focus on when it comes to fit for a bathing suit?
I design for a woman with a figure.  I'm conscious about how women feel in a swimsuit and where trouble areas are for us so I try to design my swimwear to fit the curves of a woman.  From contoured hardware, soft fabrics that won't dig, bust enhancing tops, and sexy cuts that enhance a woman's backside, L*Space has something for everyone.

A look from '09- my favorite bottom, the D-Ring

Any tricks/tips to finding a good swimsuit in a dressing room with bad mirrors and bad lighting?
It's soo frustrating trying on swimsuits in a dressing room with a bad mirror and awful lighting.  I would say always try on with a friend who's opinion you trust.  Never go alone.  I would also say if your first inclination is that you like it, you've probably found your perfect swimsuit.  The trick is to feel confident and comfortable no matter what you are wearing.
So is it confidence or maybe a good spray tan as well?
Confidence is key for sure and a GOOD spray tan to jump start your swimsuit hunt is never a bad idea!

Where is your favorite place to stay/eat in Miami?
One of my favorite hangouts in Miami is the SHORE CLUB.  I love that Nobu is located directly inside the hotel, which is another favorite of mine!

Where is your favorite beach in the world?
I haven't been yet, but my next trip is to Rio de Janeiro.  The women are sexy and the way they wear swimsuits is inspiring.

What are your must have beach items this summer?
Sunscreen for sure! I never leave home without it.  My beach necessities also include: a beach tote, L*Space towel, a tunic that I can throw on over my swimsuit to grab lunch or dinner in, gold flip flops, and LOTS of water

Do you see yourself expanding into apparel or accessories?
Definitely.  This year especially I've expanded L*Space's cover up line that actually doubles as sportswear.  I have incorporated dresses, jumpsuits, and tunics that can easily go from the beach or poolside to cocktails with the girls.
You have a great celebrity following.  Which celebrity do you feel embodies your designs the most?
I was ecstatic to see Jessica Alba wearing 3 of our swimsuits when she went on vacation.  To me, she embodies the L*Space line because she's beautiful, active, has curves, and emanates confidence.  I also would love to see Kate Hudson or Gisele Bundchen in my suits.
  Jessica Alba in L*Space 

You have a great balance of incorporating trends in your suits (like fringe for example) without making it look too much for the beach or pool.  How do you find that balance?
When following trends I've learned to keep these looks very simple and clean with use of "Basic" colors (such as black, white, etc).  It always seems to work and gives better balance to styles that are trendier.
How important is it to be this year's Mercedes-Benz Presents Designer?
It's SUCH an honor!   I would definitely say that it's super important for smaller brands like L*Space to be recognized by Mercedes-Benz as Mercedes has the means to catapult a brand to the next level.  For a company like Mercedes to believe in my designs and stand behind them, really shows the world that L*Space is a brand worth paying attention to.

We couldn't agree more, Monica.  For more information on where to purchase one of these fab suits, go to  

To learn more about OmniPeace check out


Designer Glossier- Shaun Kearney of Cynthia Steffe

Lindsey Calla


When models stomped down the runway for the Cynthia Steffe Spring 09 collection, you could tell a change was in the air.  The Cynthia Steffe girl had rediscovered herself, largely due to the arrival of Creative Director, Shaun Kearney.   A veteran of Donna Karan, Kenneth Cole, and Max Mara, Shaun had the perfect pedigree to take over a label who prides itself on luxurious fabrics and smart details on a savvy price point.   And, of course, who can forget their samples sales, which instill a Rebecca Bloomwood type madness inside any girl (see my coverage of that here).   A Brit-It designer living in NY, Shaun has his finger on the pulse of everything cool and I can guarantee he knows exactly what you will want to wear before you do.  Shaun gives us the gloss on his inspirations, his next collection, and his adoration of Marc and Alexa.

One of my favorite things about the brand is the price point. How do you manage to find a balance of great fabrics and designs without sacrificing the price point?


It’s important to me to make clothes that look great, but that doesn’t mean anything unless people can afford to buy and wear them. As a brand, we’re democratic about design and materials. I use fabrics that I respond to, whether they are expensive – in which case they are reserved for special items – or more affordable. That’s why in a single collection we will offer, for example, a metallic jersey tank for $95 alongside a gold coat in luxe textured boucle for $495. Style today isn’t just about quality or cost, it’s about taste and having the confidence to mix high and low.


Looks from Holiday and Resort

When you took over where did you envision the line going?  Did you want to change the Cynthia Steffe girl or just build on her?

I wasn’t sure at first, to be honest! The line used to have a very coordinated collection mentality, and I am more about pieces that can be mixed and matched together. For example, one of my favorite looks for holiday is our gold sequin mini paired with a boyfriend T-shirt. My goal all along has been to bring our girl up to date and show her what is required for a modern wardrobe – and in the process, maybe she got a bit cooler and sexier. I think we have gained a new Cynthia Steffe customer while retaining the old one.


           New Cynthia Steffe label

 You have a great pedigree of designers that you have worked for... What was the best piece of advice you received from any of those designers?


Listen and be open-minded. Be true to yourself and understand your customer. I think I have heard that from every one of them.


 Will we be seeing accessories from Cynthia Steffe soon?


Yes, shoes first!


 How else are you looking to expand the brand?  I hear whispers about e-commerce and going international…true?


The whispers are true. I want to make sure the website is redesigned in line with our new aesthetic first, then we will launch e-commerce. Internationally, we are now selling to Harvey Nichols and Harrods in the UK as well as specialty boutiques throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East .


How will that expansion influence your designs for your consumer?


There is so much crossover now in terms of style! I see girls in the UK mixing the New York polished look with London cool, and I also see New Yorkers edging it up with that London look. As a Brit living in the States, I guess it’s already instinctive for me to mix the two. The recognition we’re getting from overseas is license to continue pushing the envelope while remaining true to our roots as an American brand.


 Which designers do you think are super hot right now?


There are so many other designers that I like for so many different reasons. But I particularly like Marc Jacobs for breaking all the rules on American fashion. He certainly paved the way for all new emerging talent who have something different to say about American style, which has been very refreshing.


 Any insider scoop you can give on the Spring ’10 line?


All I can say right now is that she is feeling quite romantic this season, but not naive or vulnerable in any way, shape or form.


Anne Hathaway in a Spring 09 dress

What inspires you? I love looking at what girls are wearing in Asia, Sydney , London etc…Do you look at street fashion for inspiration?


Always. Trends come from the street. But music tends to inspire me the most… music helps me get into the spirit and vibe I am feeling for each season.


 You’ve worked for some iconic New York designers…How has NY inspired you? 


It’s inspired me to polish up my act a little and become savvier about marketing a product!


 Everyone is buzzing about London this year, people are saying Paris is not as creative anymore, what city do you think is the “It” city at the moment for fashion?


We are quite fickle, aren’t we? Maybe I am biased, but to me London has always been the most creative. Sadly, it has not been able to attract or sustain the attention it deserves as many British designers feel the need to showcase their work in Milan , NY or Paris in order to be taken seriously. The anniversary of London Fashion Week created a lot of buzz, though, so it will be interesting to see what happens now.


 If you could pick a celebrity to be your muse, who would it be?


Gosh, there are so many, but I love Alexa Chung and how she can make something pretty look so cool.


               Alexa Chung in Cynthia Steffe sequin skirt

 I live for your sample sales.  What are your tips on dressing well/looking expensive on a budget and scoring great deals?


Thanks, we love our sample sales too because we offer a lot of one-of-a-kind pieces, including runway samples. Getting up at the crack of dawn is definitely worth it! It’s great to see stylish women like you taking your bargain buys and putting them together in ingenious ways. Be open-minded about where you shop – whether it’s at a sample sale, a thrift store, or a friend’s closet – but also stay true to your own sense of style. Don’t buy something you will never wear just because it’s discounted, and always personalize your finds with great accessories or “wow” pieces that you already own to integrate them into your wardrobe.

Become a fan of Cynthia Steffe on Facebook and follow their every design move on Twitter (@cynthiasteffe)!



Designer Glossier- Stacey Lapidus

Lindsey Calla

Good Morning Upper East-siders, Glossie Girl here.  Your one and only source into the lives of fashion's elite.  You can pretty much guarantee that when you see Blair Waldorf in one of her signature headbands, or "Blairbands" as they've become known, it has been one of Stacey Lapidus' designs.   A former Vanity Fair accessories editor, Stacey has spent countless hours and market appointments finding the hottest baubles, so it was only natural that Stacey would leave a huge imprint on the accessories market herself.  Stacey gives us the gloss on her line, her experiences with Mischa, and her tricks for finding amazing antique jewelry.
Ok, first off, how did you get started?
I was the accessories editor at Vanity Fair for about 5 1/2 years and then left to help my brother Lloyd launch his first fashion venture, which is pretty much a household name now,  About a year later, the company moved to Seattle and I had not a clue what was next.  I knew I wanted to stay in fashion and my brother offered to back me to do a handbag line.  It has been 4 years and here I am!
So what fuels your passion for accessories over fashion/apparel?
I think I just got into accessories because of my background, and I just fell in love with them while at Vanity Fair.  I was just in a fantasy world getting to see and use all the most incredible designs in the world and it just took over.  I do love apparel as well, I did some pieces one season.  I just feel apparel should be classic and timeless and there is so much more fun you can have and really go nuts when designing accessories.
Nicole Richie in Stacey Lapidus designs
How has Blair Waldorf helped your sales or influenced your designs?
It has influenced my sales tremendously.  Whenever she wears one of my designs on the show, I get a slew of orders for that specific one starting that night!

Who is your favorite designer?  Magazine? Boutique? City?
Alberta Ferretti, Vanity Fair, Marni, New York City
You've recently collaborated with Mischa Barton on a headband collection (Mischa Barton for Stacey Lapidus collection).  What was the inspiration behind the line?  How did her style influence the line?
Mischa was the inspiration behind our collaboration.  She is a big fan of my work and I admire her sense of style.  I love that she is very open-minded and really has her own sense of style that is not just designer head to toe.  Her style is seen in the line with the earthy, boho pieces as well as the really classic pieces that are timeless.

I've heard you love to shop for antique jewelry.  What are some of your favorite spots to do so?  Any tips you can give us on scoring some great finds?
My favorite vintage jewelry dealer is a woman named Meleody Rodgers.  We met at Vanity Fair when I used to borrow her pieces for shoots, which became deadly as I always ended up leaving our appointments with a little purchase for myself!
The only advice I can give to pick out a stand out piece is you just have to find something that you immediately see and say "I have to have's so me".  Everyone is different and loves different things.  Follow your own advice when buying and if you aren't sure, go home and if you can't stop thinking about it then you will know you want it and go buy it the next day!
What is next for Stacey Lapidus collection? Are you staying focused on hair accessories or will you continue to expand on your jewelry and handbags?
I just finished my first "couture" headband collection which is now available on my website and the response has been great!  I am focusing on hair accessories at the moment but I would eventually like to get back to bags, jewelry and some other categories as well.
A look from Stacey's couture collection
To score a Stacey Lapidus hair accessory of your own, go to  Lucky for you, glossie girls, Stacey has given Saucyglossie readers a promo code discount!
At checkout use the code Saucy4444 for a 20% discount!

Designer Glossier- Kevin Christiana

Lindsey Calla


Yesterday I spent the day meeting and greeting Project Runway alum Kevin Christiana.  This couldn't have come at a more perfect time as I needed a dose of PR to cure my bad hangover from a not so impressive debut of The Fashion Show.  The difference in the caliber of designers from each show can be summed up in my meeting yesterday.  Kevin is on a huge roll, quietly working on various projects and filling various voids in the market.  Keri Hilson was just photographed in one of his jackets fueling a huge demand and proving that Kevin’s designs will be a success.  He still remains close to the other contestants (Christian Siriano's boyfriend, Brad Walsh, shot that pic of Kevin above!) and I heard whispers about a possible new reality show in the works.  But yesterday, Kevin gave me the low-down on his lines MYNT 1792 and Christiana Zinn.


Immediately I was at ease as Kevin is a fellow Jersey-ite. We practically spent our childhood summers next door to each other at the Jersey Shore scarfing down curly fries and waffles and ice cream.  His office was buzzing with energy.  Just in the time that I was there, a fitting was happening for Kevin’s men’s denim section of MYNT 1792 with former New England Patriot Amos Zereoue.  Finally, a designer that understands that jeans are impossible to find for muscular bodies!  He is creating a cut that works for that exact purpose using the face and the ridiculous body of Amos (which I was lucky enough to catch a glance at while they were measuring his waist) for the line.

  His women’s lines, MYNT 1792 and Christiana Zinn, also are for a body conscious consumer and on trend for an incredible price point.  His men's and women's lines go hand and hand like say Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian.  Real bodies, real style, at real price points.  Kevin says his strength is in his tailoring.  He excels in fit and told me that he is extremely meticulous when it comes to the minor details of any of his pieces.  And that craftsmanship shows in his ability to keep the price point down without sacrificing the details that a customer really wants.  His women's collection of jackets for MYNT 1792 especially showed this off.  One of my favorites was a wool boyfriend blazer.  The inside is lined with a silk paisley print and the cuffs are done with an adorable stripe…. 

Again, amazing detail and the jackets will start around $125 and up depending on the style.    For Fall, his jackets will take on a military inspired feel fitting right in with the Balmain type of jacket everyone is talking about, but with with a recessionista price.
Kevin also showed me some of the washes for the denim which he explains has sort of a Diesel Lab vibe but with a better American fit rather than an uber-European.  He wanted to keep similar details like zippers and distressing for much more pocket friendly price.  Which works for me, because quite frankly I'm tired of shelling out hundreds of dollars for jeans that only fit waifs.
Launching in the Fall, the MYNT 1792 will be stocked in boutiques and hopefully Scoop.  His Christiana Zinn line is geared more for real sized women and sold in department stores and prices for that line are $125 and under!  Kevin collaborated with the Zinn brothers, thus the name, and says "without them this wouldn't be possible."  You'll definitely want to watch what happens with this one.  He has the recipe and the focus for success with a reminder that Project Runway is still the number one show to showcase designer talent.

Good luck Kevin!  You're fierce!

** Amos Zereoue is not only the face and fit of the Men's Mynt 1792 but he also just opened a restaurant called Zereoue on 37th b/t Park and 5th!      Check it out!



Designer Glossier

Lindsey Calla


DVF.   Hanii Y.   Tigerlily.   Sass and Bide.  These are designers you need to know.  And if you need to know them then you must know these two...
Liz Casella and Bronwyn Ferguson run Karolina york, potentially the hottest textile design company in the biz and have designed for these designers and more.   They live in Sydney but are having a huge impact on designers in almost every major fashion city.  These girls are true artists which makes their designs unique and insanely original.  Constantly roaming the globe from their quaint Surrey Hills design studio to the Ramblas in Barcelona, they find their inspiration.. which is pretty much my dream job.  This talented duo gives us the inside gloss on their fab life.
Which designer would you love to see use your designs for their collection?
Dries Van Noten.  He continually inspires the print industry and our studio.  We are also big fans of Balenciaga, Alexander McQueen, Christian Lacroix, and Giles Deacon.
      McQueen Spring 09

Which designer do you think is super hot right now?
Manning Cartell.  An Australian label rockin a fun and sophisticated look.
Designers like Jason Wu and Thakoon have been petitioning in Washington to pass a bill regarding anti-piracy laws for fashion designers.  How does this affect you as a print designer?
Coming from a small industry like Australia's we've always been aware of designers using other international labels for influence.  Though being a print studio we are at the early stages of a fashion designers process so we don't come across anti-piracy laws.
Do you follow trends when your designing?
There is always a component of our range that is trend driven.  We show at international trade shows such as Direction by Indigo in New York and Indigo at Premier Vision in Paris.  For these we need to have a good idea what is happening globally.  Karolina york caters to both commercial and niche designers.  Our job is to constantly come up with new designs so we also create our own trends often influenced by art movements and our travels.  Each design is unique and stands alone.
What place has inspired you the most?
We take constant inspiration from our travels and enjoy setting up a home away from home.  We have both been lucky enough to spend time in Paris and Barcelona designing for Karolina york.  We find we keep the range fresh and energized.
Where are some of your favorite places to shop in Sydney.. NY.. Paris?
To be honest, we are normally hunting down the best places to eat, not shop (love that!).  Shopping is our industry, finding small eateries in the cities we visit is a total joy.  Our latest find is Bariocino (on Broome st) in NYC for Mexican!
What can we look forward to seeing from Karolina york in the future?
Lately we have been exploring the world of digital design.  With the resources to digitally print more accessible, we are able to push our design process further.  Prints are influenced by optical illusions and flat patterns made to look 3D using shading and gradients.  There is a definite move towards extremes: dark romance vs bold statement prints.  Dressing to define the times.
These girls are definitely ones to watch. 



Designer Glossier

Lindsey Calla


There is nothing better than finding that perfect piece of personal jewelry that you love so much that you have to think twice about taking off before you shower, work out, and sleep.  Jewelry designer Jordann Miller has created pieces that do just that.  Classic and stylish, these pieces epitomize Palm Beach glamour.   Jordann gives us the saucy gloss on her line, Jordann Miller Jewelry.

Where do you find your inspiration for the line?
I am inspired my the most important things in life... Home, family, and

friends! Being around the people I love the most and in the one of the most beautiful places in the world (Palm Beach), inspires me to create sophisticated pieces of jewelry that can be worn and shared with others. The Magnolia Flower (which my collection is based on) represents Dignity and Perseverance; two of the qualities that I have always kept prevalent in my life.

You've worked for Mimi So and famed jewelry house Cartier.  How did your experience in NYC help you become a successful designer?
The experience that I gained while working for Mimi So and Cartier in New York City prepared me to go 100% into this passion I have. I love jewelry and designing jewelry was always something that I wanted to get back into after college. Working in the corporate world after college prepared me for knowing the right way to break into the industry in order to become a successful designer!

How does your jewelry impact people other than making them super stylish?
I am a strong believer in giving back.  One of the necklaces that I designed is the official necklace of Locks of Love.  Twenty-five percent of each sale of this necklace is given directly to the charity to provide hair prosthesis to underprivileged children.  It can be purchased at

What's next for Jordann Jewelry?
The next step for the line is to place it in great boutiques all over the world.  I have had great success with the line in such a small area that I think it will carry over and be a success in other locales.  My jewelry is classic yet chic and stylish; i feel that it can stand the trends of time and become a household name!

Where can we buy this fabulous jewelry!?
Currently the line is sold at my store JEM in Palm Beach, Fl, Kourtney Pulitzer in Lake Worth, FL, and Eye of the Needle, Nantucket.  It is also available online at and  I just launched in November and I am getting married next week so I am going to I am going to focus on selling to stores in June!

One of the best things about the line is the range of price point.  You have the option of 14K gold, Diamonds, Sterling silver, and Yellow gold vermiel, which means whether you are looking for a family keepsake or gift for friends, there are tons of options.

Happy Shopping! FYI: Mother's day is right around the corner ;)