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Saucy Glossie

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1 Blazer, 3 Ways

Lindsey Calla

Some of the best pieces in my closet are pieces that can really go the distance and work for any occasion. When White & Warren sent me this sweater blazer, I started throwing it on with everything. For $185 it makes a great basic, and neutral basics are the foundational key to having a great wardrobe.
Here's why this blazer can go the distance:
The sweater material makes this blazer work well for a casual look. Inspired by the grey color, I kept the look clean, crisp, and monochromatic. The material makes it relaxed and slouchy, yet still pulled together.
To make this blazer work for a work environment I belted my waist to give it a more structured shape. This is a fun twist on a conservative look. The length of the dress is longer and the pearl strand necklace makes it more sophisticated.

Since the blazer is sweater material, I mixed sequins in to add shine and glamour for night. Pairing a blazer with a mini skirt plays around with a cute masculine/feminine look, and I love the mix of textures.
Lucky for SG readers, I've sourced this blazer for my OpenSky Shop and you can click the image to purchase the blazer now! For under $200 dollars this blazer is good on the wallet and great in the closet.



Steal Her Saucy Style

Lindsey Calla


I love this look on Rihanna! I'm so used to seeing her look really edgy, but here you can see her Barbados island roots shining through. A straw hat, a pair of printed shorts, and a detailed white blouse couldn't be more perfect for summer.
I opted for a sleeveless shirt rather than a long sleeve because all of that would have overwhelmed me. I also toned down the accessories and skipped the hoop earrings and bracelet in exchange for a simple gold watch. With a print and ruffles, too many accessories would be too much.
Target has some really fun beachy accessories at the moment and I'm counting down the days until the Cynthia Vincent collection hits this week. Also, if you check back later in the week I will have a discount code for Catherine Malandrino!
I just added these rings to my OpenSky Shop and I feel like they would be perfect for this outfit. My outlook on jewelry has been changing lately. I'm dying to wear things that look really organic like wood, natural materials, and rugged silver.
Click the image to buy!



Free Stila Lip Glaze!

Lindsey Calla


In case you didn't get enough treats in your Easter basket this weekend, I'm offering a free Stila Lip Glaze from my OpenSky Shop to one lucky reader!

I usually scale down my make-up routine in the summer because it melts off so easily, so I focus on lip glaze, blush, and mascara to get me by. I'm a huge fan of anything Stila, especially the Lip Glazes, which are the only glosses I've found that don't leave your pout sticky.

Here's how the giveaway works:

1. Click on the link HERE to redirect you to the giveaway page
2. Enter your email and click "Get Coupon" (We only need your email so we can notify you if you've won)
3. After you enter your information you will get a 10% coupon to use on any item in my Shop!

Bon Chance glossie posse! You have 2 days to enter and a winner will be notified this week!
Also, the 10% coupon expires within 1 week so make sure to take a look around my Shop before it's too late.
I'm partial to this Stella & Dot necklace for summer.. I'd wear it with a plain tank and a long maxi skirt. Coral looks amazing against tan skin and will go with the lip glaze perfectly!
**Contest is only open to US and Canada residents at the moment
Stay Saucy and Glossie,

Lindsey Calla


If you remember a few weeks ago I told you all about my new partnership with Open Sky. Well, I've been busy sourcing products for my new Shop and after traveling over 50 hours on a plane within a span of a week and a half, I had to add this latest product.

My skin is still super dry from the recycled air and I'm tired of TSA rules forcing me to pack my makeup in my checked luggage. I always say that if you stay refreshed during the flight then you arrive refreshed at your destination.
The reason why I chose this specific line is because the products are actually scientifically designed to deal with the changes that occur onboard. I feel like this is important because even if you buy a small bottle of a moisturizer that you use at home, doesn't mean it will have the same effects when the climate and environment around you changes.

Hope you enjoy the latest product in my Shop! If you ever have any suggestions on what you'd love to see in my Shop, feel free to leave a comment... I am all ears! (err, eyes?)



Saucy Glossie and OpenSky

Lindsey Calla

Picture 31
My tendency to shop is the worst kept secret on the Internet. I’ve spent countless hours shopping whether it was for my job or just for leisure so I’m very excited to announce that I will now be shopping for YOU!

I’ve partnered up with a revolutionary new e-commerce site called OpenSky. OpenSky is a community of Bloggers-cum-Shopkeepers who hand pick items to sell in a virtual storefront. The site is aiming to bring a more personal touch to online shopping because let’s face it: online shopping can be intimidating. You are blindly choosing something solely based on a picture and a very generic description. If there is a review from someone named “anonymous”, how do you know whether or not to trust this person? Do you share their same standards? Their same aesthetic?

That’s where I come in. Bloggers are extremely passionate people. We are obsessed with our topics and consider ourselves “experts” in our field. So naturally, if you like my personal style chances are you will like the products in my Shop.

My Shop is very much a reflection of myself so I won’t choose anything that does not meet proper standards. I am not paid to endorse any products or brands; everything you see is something that I’ve found that I love and just have to share with you. There will be Shops and experts on all different topics like cooking, health, beauty, and technology (to name a few) so feel free to wander around the site to find things for every aspect of your life.

Click here for a full tour of my Storefront! Along with my usual posts, you will now be getting previews of what is in my Shop and direct links to products for your convenience.

For example, one of the first items that I will be selling in my Shop is this gold leaf bib necklace! So cute right? It is by jewelry designer Michelle Roy and sells for under $100 which is pretty amazing for a statement piece.

Hope you enjoy my shop and feel free to give me any feedback about the products or if there is something else you would like me to stock on my e-shelves!